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Vonda's Parenting a Preemie Journal

StorkNet is very pleased to bring you Vonda's Parenting a Preemie Journal.

Vonda and Bruce are the proud parents of Adriana, born at 28 weeks on July 5, 2001, due to severe pre-eclampsia. Adriana weighed 2 lbs, 2 oz, and spent seven weeks in the neonatal intensive care unit. She doesn't appear to have any long term affects of her prematurity or too many problems physically, but she is developmentally delayed.

Join Vonda as she shares the ups and downs of parenting a precious preemie up to the birth of her second (and full-term) baby.

Vonda's Journal Entries
Meet Vonda

Entry #1
Eight months, but really six months

Entry #2
NICU Follow-up

Entry #3
Passing Ourselves Coming and Going

Entry #4
Rolling, Rolling, Rolling, Keep that Baby Rolling . . .

Entry #5
Yet another appointment?

Entry #6
Hello, Tooth!!!

Entry #7
Yes, she is a smart baby!!!

Entry #8
Bye, Bye Pump

Entry #9
She's growing up!

Entry #10
Lots of Progress!

Entry #11
Adriana's a crawl and cruise playground

Entry #12
Adriana is a big girl!

Entry #13
Adriana's a big sister!

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