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Entry #10 - December 5, 2002
~ Lots of Progress!

AdrianaAdriana has really started showing all kinds of developmental progress this month. She has been so active; I have been unable to keep up with everything in her monthly calendar that I keep. I had not made an entry in the calendar until tonight, and I know I missed writing something down.

Our little "preemie" has mastered the art of pulling herself up. She started the month off with trying to pull herself up, but she did not complete the task. The second week, she pulled herself up in her crib. She seems to be going through a separation anxiety phase again, and I placed her in her crib while I went to brush my teeth. She became so upset that when I returned to her room, I found she had pulled herself up to her knees. I reached down and picked her up before I thought about it. I think she would have pulled herself on up if I had not picked her up. She did pull herself up to her feet the next day while she was in her crib. Adriana did this right before her early interventionist came, so she almost witnessed another milestone. Our little girl has now mastered pulling herself up in her crib and does it with ease. She has not pulled herself up all the way anywhere else, but she is trying. We bought a fireplace bumper and it is now in place, which is a very good thing because she loves to pull up on it now. We need to finish childproofing the house with the cabinet and drawer locks. We have been able to put that off until now, but before too much longer she will be trying to open all the cabinets.

Along with pulling herself up, she has become better about getting up on all fours. Her therapists have been working with her a lot on that, and now she is starting to do it. I don't know if she is trying to sit down, or if she wants to stand up, but she usually growls while she is doing it. She is so cute when she does that. She still "commando crawls" instead of up on all fours, but I am so optimistic about her walking soon, that I am not going to worry about that.

AdrianaThe Pediasure seems to be working well. She has gained two pounds in about five weeks. We thought she was feeling heavier, but we thought that the last time she went to the doctor, also, and she had not gained. We feel so much better about her weight now. She also finally mastered the sippy cup. I think she would rather be drinking from her bottle, but she actually drank juice from the cup. The problem now is we only have one of that type of cup. I have a list of things to get this week that includes sippy cups and more big bottles. I thought we would only need three big bottles last time I bought any, but I think she will be using a bottle a little while longer than I thought. She also had a feeding frenzy last week. Adriana ate a whole section of her divided bowl of Spaghetti-Os, some green beans and bread. She also drank a good bit of juice during that sitting. This was the most she has eaten at home with us, usually she eats bread and cheese, and that's about it. Anything with starch, she shoves it down.

We attended a meeting with other parents in our area about changes to our state's program that works with the national law covering early intervention. This program helps ensure that all children receive the help they need early on. This program covers whatever our insurance does not cover. One of the changes to the program calls for the child's early interventionist and therapists to work together when coming up with a plan for the child. The thought is this will have everyone working on the same things. They also get the parents input about what they would like to see their child doing. When the state director was talking about this, I was happy to report to him that Adriana's early interventionist had already done this and we were all on the same page. He asked me where Adriana was receiving her therapies, whether they were at home or in a facility. I told her they were in a facility and we prefer them there. The changes in the program are really pushing towards the "natural environment," or home. I understand why they are doing this, this is the child's real world and all the equipment that is available in a facility may not be available in the child's home. They want to teach parents to use what they have to help their child. I understand and appreciate this, but I also think the decision of where the child receives therapies should be the parents'. I know we do not have the equipment that is at the therapists', but I think the experience has done so much more for Adriana. Sure, we had some rough times at the start of her therapy sessions at the beginning, but she actually enjoys them now. We have seen such an improvement in her since she has been going. I think this also helps with her social skills. She is learning to get used to other people other than Mama and Daddy. Plus, at-home therapists are not readily available in our area. We have made a decision that whatever happens, she will remain where she is.

AdrianaAdriana is becoming more and more vocal now. She says some things that we cannot understand, but her "bye-byes" are very distinctive now, and she combines them with waving. She has started saying "bye" when we are hanging up the phone. Our favorite time she has said "bye" is at night when Bruce is saying our nighttime prayers. When he says, "Amen," a few times she has said, "Bye," like she is saying it to God. It is so sweet.

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