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Tara (42) and Bill (47) had their first child on November 24, 2006. Cameron is a StorkNet Baby! Tara has a daughter from a previous marriage and Bill has a son from his previous marriage.

This is Tara's story of juggling the ups and downs of being a working mother.

Entry 39 - May 21, 2014
~ Spring . . . Finally!

Wow, can't believe it's been SO long since I updated my journal entry here on StorkNet . . . as usual, I have no idea where to begin and even specifically where to start!

I can tell you that I'm extremely glad that winter is no longer around . . . but with the spring comes allergies and thankfully, the extra time with the colder temps gave us more time to prep in taking Zyrtec a bit earlier . . .

Now, here it is, nearly the end of the school year, and while it's a time that my kids look forward to, it makes me a bit sad, since Cassie spends quite a bit of time away from us with her father. She's almost 17, so only one more year, and then, it's off to college - still finding it tough to believe she's a junior in high school, let alone going to be graduating this time next year. Where does the time go?

My Cam is looking forward to the end of the school year, too, and his first year at proper camp with the local YMCA. I'm just glad we were able to fit in swimming lessons prior to camp, so he can get an edge on being a bit more confident in the water. He's doing great . . . we're so proud of both of them

Work has been exhausting, mentally and physically, to put it mildly. The job I have now (one that I got after spending much of 2013 looking for one after being laid off twice - yes, twice) requires a lot of driving, let alone some soft sales, but it's also very demanding. More demanding than I initially realized. This month has been a bit tough, but I'm hoping it will end on a high note. I have to keep reminding myself that, compared to last year, we're all collectively in a much better position.

I still find myself fighting some of those demons from 2013 - mainly anger, resentment and fear. I'm trying to work through them, mostly through talking with my husband (who has been extremely patient, God love him) and with God . . . I found leaning on Him really helped me last year, not to mention other very trying and difficult times in my life. I'm really lucky and fortunate that he led me to Bill (my husband). Some days, I don't know how he puts up with me - seriously . . .

There are some days where the juggling of home and work get to be a bit much, but I am trying and that's all I can do. Just try and do my best.

Well, sorry to have to cut this short a bit, but it's only a matter of minutes - more likely seconds - until my youngest hollers for a story (it's close to bedtime as I write this). Hope all of you moms and moms to be are doing well. Take care and enjoy the ride (even if it's a rollercoaster


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