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Entry 16 - September 23, 2008
~ Itís Been a While, I Know

Wow, I hadnít realized just how long itís been since I had updated my journal here on StorkNet.com, and Iím really not sure where to begin, since so much has transpired since my last entry on here.

There are some things that I canít really spell out in much detail Ė partly because itís so painful, but also because I donít want this to get into the wrong hands or be misconstrued.

In a nutshell . . . the ďMamabearĒ has come out in full force.

There are events and actions by those who, at one time, I trusted to some degree, who have shown their true colors. One of those is who I wrote about in a previous entry . . . the others donít deserve to be mentioned. What they have done, and what they have tried to do, has awakened a giant in me that will do everything in her power to protect what she holds dear Ė her family.

I will not let them win. I will NOT back down. I will protect my family, especially my children Ė at all costs. I donít care if it hurts me. That doesnít matter. What matters right now is knowing that they will be OK.

I can take care of me (mentally, emotionally, etc.) later. Thatís not a priority right now.

Iíve won most of the battle, but I am far from relaxed or complacent. I need to remain on my guard . . . maybe for months and years down the road, whatever it takes.

My heart has been broken, but the love I have for my family and my desire and tenacity to protect them has helped it to heal. I have also had to take steps to shield them from people who will try to hurt me by using these precious children against me. That is WRONG on so many levels. I will NOT allow them to do this. I will not allow my children to be deceived or coerced. There are steps that I have taken and will continue to take to protect them from what I now see is pure EVIL.

I am not alone in this fight to protect my little ones. I have the support of my husband, very close friends, my family, and above all, God. He knows the truth. He sees what theyíre doing, under false pretenses. I know He hears me and sees what is going on, and has helped me stay strong against those who want to hurt us.

They will not prevail. Ever.


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