Tara's Working Mom's Journal Journal

Entry Two
~ Friendships and Challenges

CameronAs someone who writes for a lving, you'd think I wouldn't have much of a problem coming up with regular journal entries. Well, that's not always the case, I can assure you, especially if there's something you *want* to write about, but you're just not sure how to do it, without hurting someone dear to you in the process.

Take for instance what has transpired in the last week or so. The boss of a dear friend of mine -- a friend whom I've had for years -- has been extremely tough on her -- treatment I thought had ended after a month or so on the job. A bit of background here . . . this friend was hired a few months ago, but again, I've known her for some time. Anyway, my supervisor pulls me aside recently and informed me that this particular boss doesn't want me talking with her during business hours (what ???). I find out later from my dear friend that he was actually **TIMING** our conversations . . . and supposedly we were chatting at one time for twenty minutes. First of all, she called him out on such behavior, and two, I think the time limit was a bold faced lie, but what's equally disturbing is that someone would actually be such a control freak over someone that they supervise that they would find that timing conversations would be a necessity. Oh, did I mention that this particular *boss* used to (underscore used to) be a friend of mine? No longer. I don't think he even has a clue that I'm even pissed at him and the treatment he's given my friend. Guess the loss of my friendship with him doesn't matter. Oh well. It's things like this that I *don't* miss about returning to work. It's so beyond purile . . . I guess I just assumed, using common logic, that if there was some sort of problem, this particular *boss* (a term I use loosely) would at least be man or human enough to come to me, instead of having to talk with my supervisor and put me in a rather uncomfortable position. Isn't it bad enough that I'm only back at work a MONTH and this crap gets pulled? So, for now, my friend and I have only exchanged words via email and other forms of clandestine communication . . . not so much out of fear for her idiot boss, but because I don't want her job to be on the line. I didn't think this was going to affect our friendship, but I fear it has, and that makes me quite sad. Having her here was one of the things I was looking forward to in coming back to work. Not sure what's going to happen now. Personally, if it was me, I'd tell this particular *boss* where to stick it, but it's not up to me. It's out of my hands.

Ok, I guess you've heard enough of my ranting. I suppose by now you're wondering how my crazy youngsters are doing. For starters, my daughter, Cassie, is doing great. She's such a wonderful big sister to her little brother -- offering to hold him, play with him, etc., and just recently, she started helping me out in the mornings with feeding him. She is doing pretty well in school, but I suspect with this latest bout of warm weather, it's getting tougher and tougher to focus on schoolwork. For me, it means getting used to her being apart from me for longer stretches of time. Her father gets to see her a few weeks after she gets out of school, as part of our visitation agreement following our divorce. It stinks for me, but she does enjoy spending time with her father and getting spoiled by her grandparents. In fact, she just found out that she's going to get to go to a Red Sox game over the summer, so she's over the moon!

She, like me, values her friendships. I was just reminded of something that happened this week. Cassie had a situation at school where a friend of hers was being treated badly by a male classmate. She stood up to this boy, who then told her to stay out of it, which she didn't. Later, she says this boy did apologize to her. While Cassie told him she appreciated it, she told him that she wasn't the only one he shold apologize to. What troubled me was when she said, "I guess it just doesn't matter, because no one listens to you unless you're popular or have the latest clothes." I told her that *that* is not the case -- what she did was commendable and that I was extremely proud of her. I hope she understands that her friend is lucky to have my daughter as *her* friend (something else I told Cassie). She knows now, thanks to what I've dealt with in recent days, that I understand the importance of friends, and sticking by them -- even if that means "sticking" your neck out for them as well.

Ok, now, as far as Cameron is concerned, the only issues we've had lately is trying to keep his appetite in check! He recently began solid food, and LOVES it! I can't keep enough of the rice cereal, green beans, peas and (in the last few days) carrots down his gullet fast enough. At his four month check up, he's nearly up to 15 pounds and 25 1/2 inches tall -- a far cry from the little man I brought home from the hospital . . . how the time does fly. He's also grabbing things with a great deal of interest . . . and that "vice grip" includes my hair, my necklace, my blouses. He's just growing up so fast; I just hope it doesn't go by too quickly. I want to treasure as much of those "growing up" moments that I can with both of them.

Before I sign off for this entry, I thought I'd include a recent picture of Cameron -- with his own little "tax" greeting!

Take care, and until next time . . .

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