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Entry 23 - January 21, 2010
~ New Year Brings New Hope, Renewed Determination and Strength

Family!Yes, I know it's been a while and since I hate starting things off with an apology, I'll just get right to it!

Since my last entry, things have been improving with our little (but still very dear) family. The holidays were good, but the proverbial cloud that I had been referring to in previous entries was still hanging around. The cloud is gone (thank God!). Our prayers have been answered.

Efforts - horrible, mean, awful actions - by those who had tried to threaten and hurt our family in various ways were stopped.

While I am confident that we will no longer be harrassed/bothered by the awful cloud, both Bill and I will remain vigilant. We have to. Our kids and our family deserve no less.

I wish I could say more, but I'd rather talk about the good than the horrific and evil. P All in all, we're doing well, enjoying the few respites we get from the winter season. While it doesn't get too terribly cold here for long in our little center of the world, I will be glad to see spring arrive. Cassie and I have already marked up our garden/seed catalogs in anticipation of our second year of gardening. One catalog had some "pink" (I kid you not!) tomatoes that she'd like to grow . . . while she won't eat them, she does think they're kind of funky/cool!

Cam is still our (growing larger) bundle of energy. At his last check up, he was high on the height chart, so he's going to likely be tall, just like his dad and his brother (and probably his sister too). I'm the only "shorty" left in the house, besides our cat!

Things are going well for Bill and me too - to say our marriage has been challenged and put to the test in the last (almost) two years would be an understatement. No one should have to go through the mess that we did, but we came out of it, and I believe we, as a couple, and our family are stronger for it.

I've attached a picture from our session with a local photographer, Elaine Gates. She is so great to work with (and she's now quite high in demand). These were taken around the tail end of autumn, my favorite season.

I hope (pray!) to have some additional good news to share in the next entry. But, regardless of what happens, we are so thankful to God and to our friends and family for the support and care they've given us . . . and continue to give to each of us. I can honestly say that without it, I don't know where we'd be. When things started to get dark and bleak, we leaned (sometimes quite heavily) on that support. It's renewed my faltering faith and energized me in ways that I can't truly explain.

Now, it's onward and upward. 2010 will be a good, good year, despite what heads our way.

Until next time,

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