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Entry 24 - March 7, 2010
~ Spring Can't Come Soon Enough!

CassieThis past weekend has been quite a teaser - temperatures above 50 degrees, the piles and piles of snow are melting, and the tulips and daffodils are starting to break through the ground.

This has been a tough winter for us and, if I could, I would kick it's proverbial keyster to the curb

I would have updated this journal sooner, but I had a bit of a health setback. Just in time for the Valentine's Day holiday, I was in very severe stomach pain - let's put it this way: I would go through childbirth again (c-section or VBAC) verses putting up with the pain I was in. It never let up! It didn't matter whether I was standing or sitting - it was like someone was constantly hitting me in the gut with their fists. I finally was diagnosed with gastritis and put on the same medicine as my husband. It was so great to just *function* again and be able to spend time with my family and go to work and *not* feel like I was going to collapse.

Barring that, and a few colds/viruses with the kids, we've fared pretty well (no "piggy flu" here!). Cassie is doing pretty well in school and is working through some challenges (read: not so hot grades in two of her classes) and is starting to turn things around. She's going out for a spring sport and is really looking forward to it. I found a yoga class that is once a week at a fitness center not too far from my work and hopefully we could start going this week. We had gone to a class late last spring, but there wasn't enough room in the class for both her and I (I figured, what's the point?). I think it might help her with this season in track and it can definitely help me get a bit more in shape too.

One of the things that helps to get me through the winter doldrums is cooking (and yes, I think my waistline is paying the price! ha ha). My husband got me a great Jamie Oliver cookbook for Christmas and I've been trying out different recipes - attached is what I made last night - the beef and ale stew. He offers topping options too - either a pastry crust, sliced potatoes (for a hot pot), dumplings, or mashed potatoes (aka cottage pie). My husband opted for the cottage pie - unfortunately, the dish I had was big, so a part of the "top" of the pie didn't get covered with the spuds, but it did taste pretty good, if I do say so myself!

Cooking is one of the ways that I express my love for my husband and kids - it makes me feel very happy when they enjoy something I've made. Not sure where it comes from (my birth mother cooks, but I got the impression from her over the years that it was more of a chore than enjoyment), but somewhere it sort of "stuck" with me. I like making new things, totally love cooking shows and enjoy trying out new foods. I usually don't have much time for all out cooking fests during the week, so weekends are my time - it helps relax me too (an added benefit!).

As I type this, Cam is snoring away - literally - in his crib. He has a stuffy nose and a bit of a cold. He's still as active and funny as ever . . . typical three year old boy at least that's what everyone tells me! It's when he doesn't act himself - tired, somewhat lethargic and no appetite - is when we get a bit worried about him. Colds don't tend to keep him down, unlike the stomach virus he had about a month ago (that was bad all around).

CamNot much else going on - just keeping on, keeping on . . . still very thankful for what we have as a family and that we have some peace in our lives. Work is still busy, as it is with my husband's job too. On that end, I'm keeping some options open but putting my trust in God that I am where I need to be at the right time. So long as I'm doing something to help people, especially those who are hurting or are in need, that keeps me motivated.

Before I close out this entry, here are a few extra pictures - the first one is of Cassie -- this one was in a friend's story she wrote during a nasty snow storm early last month. It's focus was on how to spend time with your kids indoors during a snow storm without going crazy. She's doing Suduko in the picture - loves it! The picture of Cam was from this morning - he wanted to "cuddle on the couch" with his "puppy" and "bings (aka blankets)." What can I say - I just love my kids!

Until next time - thinking spring,

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