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Entry 26 - July 12, 2010
~ Summer . . . Is it Almost Over?

CamI know there are many people who just **love** the summer--the heat, the humidity, the whole nine yards. I've never really been a big fan of the season (I tend to not like the "extreme" seasons of summer and winter), but as I've gotten older, my dislike for summer hasn't changed. Especially when my oldest, Cassie, goes away.

It's been very quiet (even with Cameron and his antics) here at our home without her here. The good thing is, she'll be back soon and it won't be long until our little family goes on vacation and takes a real, honest-to-goodness break from everything!

We've been staying relatively "cool" (literally and figuratively) this summer, even taking a break from the heat over the July 4th holiday and heading north to Coudersport, one of my absolute favorite places to visit anytime, but especially in the summer. It reminds me of where I grew up in southeast Tennessee . . . and you get little to no cell phone coverage!

CassieYou can tell in the picture of Cameron that he loves it up there, too. We took that one while hiking near the B and B where we stayed. I can't wait until all of us can go back to visit . . . one of the few places in the world where we can all unwind.

The picture I included of Cassie was from Mother's Day. What a great day that was! Bill took us down to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, because I was longing to go to the beach (even though it was still a tad on the cold side, but I didn't care!). It was there that Cam had his first "dip" in the ocean and loved it. Cassie wasted no time getting right in the water (at least up to her knees) and I joined her! I think she gets her love of the water/ocean from me - I love this picture of her.

There's a story (a really nice one!) behind the picture of Cassie and the little robin. I submitted it to Guideposts and maybe they'll run it at some point. I wish I had more time here, but I have to get ready to head out the door soon to start the day with Cam, but I promise, in the next entry I'll share that story with you.

Until then, take care . . . and the countdown to August (and Autumn) continues . . .


 Cassie runs on beach

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