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Entry 28 - November 8, 2010
~ Fall, Please Don't Rush Out of Here!

halloweenIf there is one season I love, it is Fall. And I try to hang on to it with every ounce I have in me . . . as winters have become more challenging for me to endure.

I likely drive my husband nuts, starting in late July and early August with "I can't wait for Fall" and "I'm so tired of this hot, humid weather!"

Well, now with November here (where did October go???) and Cam's birthday and the holidays approaching soon, Fall, like dry sand at my favorite beach, seems like it's slipping out of my hands, faster than I can hold it.

pumpkin gutsSeptember breezed by, with Cassie having a good start to the school year and another good season in cross country and both of them picking out their Halloween costumes (Cassie was a "girl vampire," Cam decided to be Snoopy this year), to thinking ahead to their "lists" to Santa Claus . . . . the time has just flown by.

Cassie cross countryCam is really getting into Thomas the Tank Engine now - watching the episodes and the "mini" movies they have on Netflix . . . and still likes to snuggle with his mommy in the morning before the evil alarm goes off.

The kids had a lot of fun this year with Halloween, including carving the pumpkin . . . and to think, there was a time when Cassie couldn't stand touching the inside of a pumpkin! The township's fire truck came out during Trick or Treating time and Cam was beside himself - just thought it was the coolest thing!

I'm so not ready for winter - not yet!!! I am still waiting for some brussel sprouts to pop up (hope springs eternal, what can I say?).

familyWork keeps me busy, and I'm trying not to be too anxious about what's going to happen with the new administration/new governor coming into office. I'm praying a LOT and I keep reminding myself that God will watch out for us and won't let our family down . . . and in that same vein, I am working hard to ensure that I don't let *them* down, either. He's been with me through many a challenge in my life, and I don't have any reason to believe He won't be with us now.

We're plugging along, hanging in there, and staying focused on what's most important - Love and Family. As long as we do that, I believe we'll be just fine.

Take care and until next time, stay warm - and Ol' Man Winter? Take your ol' sweet time arriving this year, OK?


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