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Entry 29 - January 25, 2011
~ Ok, Winter ... Enough Already!

Cassie and CamWow, I hadn't realized so much time had gone by since my last entry - last time on here, I was praying that fall would stick around just a little bit longer. Well, it did . . . long enough for snow at Christmas time and winter is here in full swing. And yes, I am beyond sick of the cold and snow already! It's ironic that I was born in the winter, but yet it is one of my least favorite seasons. But, I'm trying to make the best of it . . .

Holidays were good, but some of it was stressful (as usual), but it wasn't too bad overall. Cassie leaving after Christmas for visitation with her father was tough, but she was back before too long. She thinks I'm too much of a worry wart when she goes away, but I can't help it. She's my (first) baby!

We (the kids and me) were off on MLK day, so we visited the Utz Potato Chip factory in Hanover, PA - what fun! You get to see, step by step, how chips are made, from washing the potatoes to frying them to dusting them with flavor (the day we were there, one of the flavors was BBQ - one of my favorites) . . . and if you weren't hungry when you started the tour, you definitely were ready for some chips at the end! We then went over to the Utz Outlet Store and brought home goodies - Cassie *had* to get a huge container of cheese balls, and believe me, the fact that she still has some left today amazes me (ha ha)! The picture of them is at the entrance of the "tour" as we were leaving the building. They had already had their complimentary bag of chips (but of course, wanted more!).

Both the kids are doing well - Cassie's doing a good job juggling school/homework, orchestra, etc. In fact, she got asked to take part in honors orchestra for the district - of course, that just made me more proud of her. And she's also great with Cam, even though he can be a bit . . . umm . . . challenging sometimes! She's also a good baker - Santa brought her a chocolate/peanut butter brownie mix in her stocking and she couldn't wait to make them - boy, were they good!

CassieSpeaking of Cam, since my last entry, he is now officially a four year old. Wow, how the time does fly. He is already looking forward to starting school, which, thankfully, won't be for a few more years (don't want him growing up *too* fast). He sees Cassie leave each day and thinks she's lucky she gets to ride on the bus to school. Cassie, if she had her way, would rather sleep in until ten (or noon).

Bill and I are still busy with kids, work, etc. Sadly, we haven't been able to have much in the way of "us" time lately, but I am hopeful with Valentine's Day around the corner, we could get some time together, even if it's just a lunch date We both consider ourselves very lucky and fortunate to be working . . . even with the economy reportedly "turning around," there are still so many people out of work, including those trying to keep a roof over their heads (and keep their family fed too). We're doing OK, certainly not rolling in the 'dough,' but we're counting our blessings.

I did get some sad news this week - a close family friend passed away after more than five years of battling cancer. She was a dear friend to my dad's side of the family, especially my Grandma, who passed away a few months before Cassie was born. She and I share the same middle name. It had been a while since I had seen her, but my Aunt Sheree would visit them from time to time. At least Heaven has another angel . . . and her and my grandma and grandpa are likely catching up on things. Cancer is such an insidious, horrible disease. Just seems like such a painful, awful way to leave this world; she's definitely in a better place now.

Hope all of you are staying warm. We're supposed to get another blast of Ol' Man Winter later this week. Ugh . . . not looking forward to the next oil bill!

Take care, until next time . . .

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