Tara's Working Mom's Journal Journal

Entry Three
~ A Typical Day

Hi there again -- sorry this entry is a bit delayed -- it's been quite busy in our household over the last few weeks . . . plus, I have been thinking about exactly what I should write about in this next entry -- there's so much I could write, but I also don't want to bore any of you to tears!

As you may have guessed from the title, I thought I'd share with you a typical day in our house from this working mom's perspective.

5:45 AM -- get up, or hit the snooze alarm once (ok, maybe twice), pray Cameron stays asleep so I can get a shower. Otherwise, take him in the shower with me in his bouncy seat

6:15 AM -- pump a bit of milk for Cam so he has enough to mix in with his cereal for the morning (while he continues to sleep and/or play in his seat or crib)

6:30 AM -- stumble into the kitchen with Cam, make coffee and start to get his breakfast ready

7 AM -- get Cassie up, let her get into our bed and watch some PBS kids shows with Cam while I quickly get ready (dry my hair, get clothes on, get bottles and baby food ready to take to Cam's babysitter, get breakfast ready for Cassie and myself)

7:30 AM -- have breakfast with kids, which includes feeding Cameron

7:45-7:50 -- finish breakfast, get breakfast dishes washed, put Cameron in swing or seat so I can finish getting ready and getting his stuff (and mine) together -- make sure Cassie gets going (brushes teeth/hair, makes bed, puts clothes on, etc.)

8:15 -- have everything in living room (breast pump, diaper bag, my lunch and other things for work) ready to go . . . make sure Cassie is finishing up

8:20-8:25 -- leave the house with Cassie -- she goes over next door to walk to the bus stop with her friend and neighbor, who goes to the same school

8:25-8:40 -- drive to Cam's babysitter, drop him off and get him settled

8:40-8:55 -- drive to work

From that point on, the "work" part of my day begins -- writing/recording newscasts, doing interviews, maybe going to the Capitol to cover an event, producing our network's public affairs show (which is transmitted via satellite and web on Fridays) -- it all just depends on the day -- pretty much anything can happen and we have to be able to adjust at a moment's notice.

I typically leave work around 5 -- drive 10-15 minutes to get home, and pray that my husband has made dinner (ha ha)! Actually, he's been really good about making dinner -- I am *so* not picky about what he makes -- as long as it's food My husband works mornings, so he picks up Cameron around lunch time, takes him home and gets him down for his nap. He also makes sure Cassie gets her homework done and has a snack when she gets home from school. This is our schedule, Monday through Friday (unless either Bill or I have vacation or sick days).

When I get home, I put the bottles of milk that I pumped at work in the refrigerator, check the mail, and of course, say hi to my kiddos and to Bill. I usually try to get a few minutes in to relax before either making dinner (if Bill hasn't started), doing laundry or taking care of other "chores." Sometimes, if it's nice, I say to heck with the chores and get out the stroller and take Cam for a walk - usually Cassie likes to go with us. I hope I can do that today -- I really need to get my body back into shape!

Speaking of Cassie, last Thursday she came to work with me for "Take Our Daughters/Sons to Work Day." I really enjoyed having her here. Our company had the kids take part in a number of workshops during the day, learning about the various aspects of the company (audio/video production and so on). I also had her record a newscast that I wrote and showed her how I edit down sound and put together stories we feature on our network. At the end of the day, I asked her what surprised her the most about my job, and she said "that you cut up so much sound!" She also got to say "hi" to our affiliates during the afternoon news feed (which is live), which I also got a kick out of. When I came back to work on Friday, it was kind of lonely -- I truly missed having her around!

Cameron is doing well - he now has *both* bottom front teeth in (which makes me even more hesitant to continue nursing, but I'm still pumping). He's still eating up a storm, although green beans aren't his favorite, but he loves his carrots (just like his sister) and his sweet potatoes. Won't be long before he'll be shoveling down lots of pizza and mac and cheese, also like Cassie

I did get some sad news this past week . . . my Aunt Mary (my dad's oldest sister), who had fought cancer successfully about a year ago, may have a recurrence. Her doctors found a spot on her left lung, a lung that until recently had been clear of any malignant growths. I'm keeping her in my thoughts and prayers. Chemo may not be an option this time around. I really hope it's not as bad as she thinks it might be. She and my Uncle David have to wait a week to get more results from her doctors. I wish I could do more than just pray, but I have to put it in God's hands.

That's all for now . . . so, until next time, take care


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