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Entry 31 - May 26, 2011
~ Moving Along

Cassie's confirmationIt's been some time since I've updated my journal here . . . yes, yes, I know - not good to start off with an apology!

Since my last "check in" of sorts on StorkNet, Cassie is now officially a member of our church. She was confirmed just before Easter (picture included with our pastor, Bill, Cam and myself), and she finished track season on a high note, and had her last concert at her middle school.

Yes, I will soon be the mom of a high schooler. Yikes! I'm not sure if I'm ready for that just yet!

It's difficult to believe that not so long ago, she was just a wee thing - then she was heading off to pre-school, and then, before I knew it, it was time to leave elementary school. I keep wondering where the time has gone and wishing that Cam wouldn't grow up so fast!

Cam is his usual self and about ready to transition into a booster seat from his car seat (that he's had since he was almost a year old). He wants to be a "big boy," but he still does things that make me want him to stay little for a while, like cuddling with me on weekend mornings and singing in the car, things like that that I just love and remember Cassie doing (back in the days when she used to wear pink and purple!). Don't get me wrong, I love Cassie just the way she is . . . it's the "little girl" stuff that I miss sometimes!

Carrie, our newest addition to the family, is doing great too. In fact, we can't imagine our family's lives without her. She is just the 'loviest' cat - adores being petted, talked to . . . and will purr and purr and purr. She even tolerates being picked up from time to time, but really loves laying on Cassie's top bunk bed or laying with one of us when we read in bed or take a nap. She and my husband have become big buddies, especially on weekday mornings, as he's the first one up and she gets to "talk" his ears off (and he is busy shushing her so she doesn't wake us up) - she's too funny. She did help us get over the sadness of losing Nala, but Nala is definitely not forgotten. We have pictures of her around the house and sometimes, I'll see a cat with the same marking she had and feel sad in my heart, but knowing she's in Kitty Heaven and being taken care of brings me some comfort.

We started our garden a few weeks back and I am determined that it be successful - last year, our tomatoes left a lot to be desired, although our blueberry bush did very well. We have doused it with some serious Miracle Gro and some other plant food (specifically for the tomato plants) . . . and I've been tossing crunched up egg shells in the garden too (for calcium - soil analysis said we were a bit on the low side there). Plus, as in previous years, toiling on the garden over the summer makes me not miss Cassie *as much,* although I still do have moments of sadness when she's not around. Even with Cam, it's just too quiet.

I'm trying to stay hopeful and optimistic on things overall, but some days, it is easier than others. I have to remind myself of what my dad always tells me - "someone always has it worse off than you." He also said this after a tornado nearly destroyed his and my stepmom's house. My dear dad is now busy helping others trying to get back to some semblance of "normal" while also clearing up the mess on their own property. I hope we can get to see him soon. I miss him and my dear stepmom very, very much

I can tell you that I'm looking forward to a three day weekend coming up (those were quite rare in my former life in radio) - should feel a lot like summer, with highs in the 80s and humidity up there, too . . . just going to focus on enjoying my time with the hubby and kids and try not to worry about other things.

Until next time, take care and stay safe/cool,

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