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Entry 33 - September 15, 2011
~ Wow, Has It Been That Long?

I just looked at my last entry and thought, has it really been since July that I've updated my journal? Maybe in a way it's good, because so much has happened, and really not sure where to begin . . .

Well, we survived the summer, sometimes a bit lonely without our Cassie (7 weeks total). She was with us for her birthday this year, which was **great** in all aspects. I surprised her on her actual birthday and we went for pedicures. The Sunday prior I took her and one of her friends to a nearby play center that has laser tag, games, go karts and all sorts of stuff. We had a great time.

Once she was with us for good, we went up to Maine to my in-laws' "camp" (which really doesn't do it justice, calling it "camp" because it's beyond modern and beautiful) for a week and had a blast just hanging out, riding the boat, canoeing, mini-golf, lots of ice cream and pigging out . . . and we managed to get home before the remnants of Hurricane Irene hit our state. I've attached a picture of Cassie and Cam in front of the big boot at LL Bean!

It was during that vacation (and prior to it) that I started having some upper GI pain . . . mostly in my upper abdomen and some reflux . . . after two tests, I was diagnosed with gastroparesis, which means my stomach takes too long to process food. I'm on meds now (two of them just for that issue), and hopefully I can eventually taper off of them. It really stinks getting old(er).

Cassie and CamBut, on to more positive events . . . Cassie is doing **awesome** in 9th grade. I'm still coming to terms with being the mother of a high schooler! Cam didn't make the cut off for kindergarten, which is fine, because I think he needs more time before he starts school. He also has some "following directions" issues, which I think requires a bit more maturity, if you know what I mean.

Still trying to stay positive and not get as discouraged on the work front. Things have been difficult, to put it mildly, in the last few months. I am also in need of a challenge, but more important, I'd like to work in an environment where there is less drama and less stress. I think the extra stress has likely exacerbated my stomach issues, if not caused them. I feel I have enough experience and credibility in my 20 plus years of working to *not* have to deal with those who would rather play childish games and micromanage. Totally sick of it and I deserve better. I hope to have more news on that front in my next entry.

Until then, stay well and (hopefully) dry. We've been up to our eyeballs here with post hurricane rain, wind, flooding, etc . . . wish we could send the bucketloads of rain to the south and southwest! I know my dad (in Alabama) wouldn't mind!

Take care everyone,

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