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Entry 35 - November 11, 2012
~ Resilience

I was thinking about my last journal entry, and about today's date in particular . . . when that word popped into my head. It was about a year ago that I got the official "heave ho" from my former job, something I had feared and wanted to avoid like the plague. But, when it happened, I realized that it hadn't licked me, and that I was much tougher than I gave myself credit for.

Fast forward a year, and wow, has my life changed! My kids have a much happier mom, my husband has a much happier wife, and I have a great supervisor and working environment. That doesn't mean the challenges have dissipated, but I'm in a much better place, emotionally/mentally/physically, to handle it. There are some days where it gets crazy and stressful, but I think back to where I was, and I'm reminded that I'm very lucky and fortunate . . . especially after news a few weeks back about my former employer, who announced additional furloughs of staff. I can only imagine how difficult it must be for my friends there to deal with the continued low morale and seeing that things aren't getting better, but getting worse. I really feel for them.

The kids are doing well and continuing to grow . . . Cassie is a sophomore in high school and Cam started kindergarten this year . . . and with that, some growing pains, notably for Cameron, but he seems to be doing well and adjusting to school. Cassie recently finished another season of cross country and was really a trooper, considering some issues she had to deal with in her leg/hip . . . nothing that our trusty chiropractor couldn't help with! She carried on and stayed with the team and is looking ahead to doing track in the spring. Cam's latest obsession is anything with lego Ninjango toys . . . before that, it was motorcycles, and before that, Angry Birds! Never a dull moment with these two, no doubt about it!

This year, just like last year, I'm thankful for my health, my family and my friends . . . and a renewed faith, knowing that even when the worst happens to you, God is there for you and will not let you down. I pray that my kids understand that as well - and that their faith grows stronger as time progresses.

Well, take care and will attempt not to let as much time go by with the next entry . . .



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