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- August 7, 2014

World Breastfeeding Week!

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Hello Incredible Parents and Parents-to-Be!

August 1-7 is World Breastfeeding Week. For the last several years, StorkNet has celebrated for the entire month of August! Below, you will find a series of articles related to breastfeeding. We hope you enjoy this information.

Maribeth Doerr, editor

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World Breastfeeding Week Celebration

Join StorkNet for a month-long celebration of breastfeeding! The first week in August has been declared World Breastfeeding Week by the World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action. At StorkNet, we're contributing by celebrating the whole month of August. Click here for a breastfeeding tip of the day and to check out our wealth of articles in our breastfeeding directory. You will be amazed at the wealth of breastfeeding information we have available for you. We also have breastfeeding information in several other areas of StorkNet which are listed below:

In honor of WBW, visit these breastfeeding related articles in our attachment parenting cubby:
   • Co-sleeping and breastfeeding by StorkNet Members
   • Still waking to feed? by StorkNet Members

Trying to Conceive While Breastfeeding
What can you do to jumpstart things when you're ready to TTC again but still breastfeeding? Midwife Cynthia Flynn responds.

Visit these breastfeeding related articles in our cesarean birth cubby:
   • Breastfeeding After a C-Section
   • Tips for Breastfeeding After a C-Section

Breastfeeding and Childbirth
Before you even start breastfeeding, you can be setting the foundation for success by learning as much as you can. The more prepared you are, the better your chances of having a successful breastfeeding partnership with your baby. Start your education with this helpful article.

Crafts for Kids Project of the Month ~ Kid's Activities Basket
Do you know a mom-to-be who is planning to breastfeed her baby, but has an older child that will need her time and attention, too? Ask your child to help you put together this activities basket for her older son or daughter. It will help keep her other little one busy and happy when she's got her hands full. It makes a great big brother or sister gift!

Visit these breastfeeding related articles in our multiples cubby:
   • Breastfeeding Twins
   • What is breastfeeding twins like?
   • Breastfeeding Books
   • Should I breastfeed, bottle feed or a combination of both?
   • Should I feed the babies at the same time?
   • Do I need to follow a special diet to breastfeed multiples?

Breastfeeding and Fertility
Reproductive endocrinologist Samuel Thatcher, MD answers questions regarding breastfeeding and fertility.

Nursing During Pregnancy
The mother who is deciding whether to continue nursing during her pregnancy has several factors to consider. Learn more from Anne Smith, IBCLC

Visit these articles related to breastfeeding and the working mother:
   • Breastfeeding, Pumping and The Working Mom
   • hedra's advanced course in 'pumping more'

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