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Sine and Twin Daughters Abigail and Hannah
Twin Pregnancy, One Posterior, Vaginal Delivery

On December 15, I went to my antenatal appointment. Just two days earlier they booked me in for a tentative induction. At that time, I had been getting contractions for two days. I just about begged the doctor to induce me. I was so fed up and almost 38 weeks pregnant with twins. I was in misery, twin A's head had still not engaged which meant a slight risk of cord prolapse. But, when he checked my cervix, I was 2.5 cm dilated and stretching to 3 cm so he told me to arrive at hospital at 7 am the next morning.

We arrived at the hospital at 6:45 am, waited for a doctor who then told me I was now stretching to 4 cm dilated and my cervix was only .5 cm long. She put on an internal monitor, broke my waters and told me Twin A had dark hair. She then left me to my own resources!!

About an hour later, a student doctor came in to cross match my blood and put a huge drip in for the epidural I was supposed to have. After he left, the midwife told me too walk, walk, walk which is what I did until 11:30 am when the contractions started to make me unable to walk. I became very loud and irritable. The doctor did an internal and said they would start the drip as I was still only 4 cm dilated. I asked if they could wait until 1 pm and they agreed.

My contractions were still all over the place but began to hurt a lot more. I tried the gas but it did nothing. At 12:30 pm I told the midwife when I had a contraction, I felt like pushing. She said "no way" and that she was going on lunch. About 10 minutes later, I told my sister I needed to go the toilet and to get me the bedpan. I tried and it did nothing and so I said I needed to push. The midwife "standing in" knew I was in transition. My midwife and the doctor rushed, threw everything into place, and in two pushes her head was out. One more and she was born.

Abigail Rose Kincaid-Grant was born at 1:02 pm, weighing 5 lbs 13 oz, measuring 46.5cm or 18 inches with a head circumference of 33 cm. She had black hair and lots of it! They cut her cord and checked to see if Twin B was aligned.

Within two minutes I got another contraction. With two pushes, at 1:07 pm, Hannah May was born, posterior and waving. She weighed 6 lbs 1 oz and measured in at 48 cm or 18 3/4 inches with a head circumference of 34 cm!!

One minute later I began getting another contraction and my placenta was birthed very healthy. I had no tears, no drugs and the pushing stage was over within 15 minutes of it beginning. I began breastfeeding straight away!! The experience was too tremendous to describe. We left the hospital just three days later, all still breastfeeding.


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