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Anna and Andy
Vaginal Delivery on due date, no drugs, four hour labor

In July 1998 I had skipped my period for the previous three months. I went to my OB and was told (after some testing) that not only was I not pregnant, that I would never have children. I was also told that I would likely skip my period and to not worry about it. In August 1999 I had a period and then skipped for the next five months. In January 2000, when my fiancÚ, Peter, and I were planning our wedding for the coming December (after a two year engagement) we decided I should take a pregnancy test just to be sure. The test was positive. The problem was, it was Friday night and I couldn't even call a doctor until Monday! So after the agonizing wait, I got to see my new OBGYN on Tuesday.

I was five months pregnant, had an ultrasound and immediately got to know I was having a baby boy. He was also perfectly healthy and due May 8, 2000. Needless to say, it was a shock, but so wonderful! We moved the wedding to March, when I was seven months pregnant and then immediately planned for our son. I had absolutely no morning sickness or other "symptoms" or "ailments." I had a wonderful pregnancy and completely healthy. On May 6, 2000 I went in for a scheduled appointment and wasn't even 1 cm dilated and was less than 10% effaced. I was totally disappointed! Mother's Day was May 9 and I wanted to be a mom! Over the next few days I received "for the mother-to-be" Mother's Day cards from all but one person, my husband's grandmother, who said she knew I'd be a mom by then.

My husband's sister has 3 sons, and we babysit all the time. She called me on Saturday, May 8, my due date and said that if I felt up to it, they'd like to go see a movie "one last time." At 5 pm my husband called his sister and said we were on our way over to babysit. The second he hung up the phone, my water broke! I told him he needed to call his sister back and tell her we couldn't babysit, and then call the doctor. He was shocked! Peter started running around and panicking, while I worried that I wasn't having contractions and DID NOT want to be induced. I refused to leave until I started having contractions. At 6 pm I lost the fight and started out the door to the hospital. I had my first contraction! But, it wasn't short and sweet. They were 1 minute long and 1 minute apart.

We got to the hospital and checked in and I was in a bed by 7. I was checked and was 7 1/2 centimeters dilated, 90% effaced! At 7:30 shifts changed and I was thrilled, my first nurse was a witch! My new nurse knew that I wanted to do this naturally and so when I begged and pleaded for medicine, she put me in a bath of hot water. I yelled at her and said she was an idiot, that my water had broken and how dare she put me in a bath. She calmed me down and said that nothing would be cleaner than a hospital tub! I agreed and got in, though I didn't think she knew what she was doing. She gave my husband a cup and said to dump water over my belly with each contraction. I rolled my eyes and my husband looked nervous. It worked. It worked so amazingly well I was there for an hour. Then I had a pushing contraction and jumped out. My husband hit the call button in the bathroom to get the nurse as she instructed. Unfortunately, as I was naked and in pain, ten nurses came running in - the call button in the bathroom is for emergencies. After they all laughed and I got into bed, I was only 9 1/2 centimeters and in horrid pain. A pushing contraction is not meant to be ignored and I had to ignore it. After sitting through three of them and swearing I was dying and wanted a C-section (and being denied), I could push. It felt so amazing to push. I felt nothing. In three pushes my son was out and on my chest. He didn't cry - he just gazed around.

At 9:00pm my sister-in-law called to encourage me and see how I was doing. She couldn't believe that her nephew had been born five minutes earlier. The nurses were shocked he came so fast, so easily (ha!) and was so big!

And that's how it was - 4 hours, on his due date, no drugs - but horrid pain! I have to say, I could do without the pain, but the reward was well worth it!

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