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Carli and Bailey Rae
Vaginal delivery, pitocin, allergic reaction to nubain

Our story begins just three days short of one year from Bailey Rae's birth. March 8, 1998, I went over to my father-in-law's home after receiving a call that no one had heard from him. After searching the house, I turned a corner and there, I found my Father-in-law. Three months after the funeral, my husband and I decided it was time to buy a house. So we started escrow.

Two weeks later I was sitting at a stop light waiting for the green and in my rear-view mirror, I spotted an 18 wheeler gravel truck heading at me at an uncontrollable speed. BOOM!!! I was hit and my car was sent right into the intersection and daringly close to a gasoline pump just a few feet away. After getting to the hospital, a nurse asked if it was possible that I could be pregnant. I said, "Well, I guess so." We weren't trying but we weren't not trying either. We had only been married nine months. Upon release from the hospital, I was told to see my physician immediately to take a pregnancy test and then we could move on to more x-rays. So off to the doctor I went and low and behold, the doctor burst into the room shouting, "You're positive!" I was in total shock! I cried and giggled the whole way home. Many years before, I was told it was a possibility that I would never get pregnant and if I did, I wouldn't be able to carry it to term. Well, we proved them wrong!

The pregnancy was pretty normal. I did have a threatened miscarriage at one point but after a vaginal ultrasound, we found her heart beating like a champ. I had a long bout with morning sickness and fell down the stairs twice, but God was always there with me, holding my hand. On November 27th, we received a call from Ohio that my grandfather-in-law had passed away. This is when things get a little eery. He died on what would've been my father-in-law's 55th birthday. We flew back to Ohio and all the while I was feeling great, not at all how I had expected. God was definitely with us.

Monday, March 1, 1999, my other grandfather-in-law passed as well. On Tuesday, we were at a routine appointment just before heading to the funeral and my Doctor set a date to induce by Saturday if I hadn't gone yet. Unfortunately, we were unable to fly back this time for the burial. Thursday, I lost my plug and the doctor asked me to come in. She stripped my membranes and let me go home. 15 minutes later, at 11:46 a.m., I started going into labor.

Labor progressed pretty normal, and by 11:30 p.m., I was checked into my room at the hospital. My first check was only three centimeters, what I was at the appointment earlier in the day. By 4:00a.m. I was only at four cm and labor was slowing. We tried walking and baths and pretty much everything but labor had stopped. At about 7:00a.m. Friday morning, the doctor ordered my water to be broken. I didn't progress but had a lot more pain. I asked for something to take the edge off and in my haze, I let them give me nubain, which I am allergic to. Less than two minutes later I was throwing up everywhere and was getting the worst heart burn to boot. They allowed me to take one of my heart burn pills, which I also threw up. With all of that, I progressed to five but then, the baby's heart rate was going down.(No one told me that part) My doctor then ordered a pitocin drip. This was about 8:30a.m.

By 11:25, I had gotten to 10cm and was told I could push. I freaked out! I sobbed to my husband and was so afraid. He was wonderful. The doctor was called and was there at 11:30a.m. When she found out I had just started pushing, she got mad and said to call her later. Then out of no where I yelled out, "Oh please don't go." The doctor came in and said, "Are you ready?" I said, "YES!" Then about five minutes later, I said I couldn't do it. (Quick note, at my last appointment, I told my doctor that I did not want forceps or vacuum used.) After I said I couldn't do it, she pulled out the vacuum. At that moment, I was more ready than ever. I looked her straight in the eye. She knew what I was trying to communicate and put the vacuum away. Then, just as I had looked at her, she looked at me as if saying, "Let's do this." And with one more push, her head was out. No one told me the next part either until we were home. She had the cord wrapped around her neck several times and was as blue as the Pacific Ocean. One more push and she was out. I was overcome with emotion at that point. My beautiful miracle had finally arrived.

Now, back to the eery part. My mother-in-law was in Ohio, having her father buried that day. My husband called her to tell her she had a granddaughter and when he told her the time the baby was born, she just about fainted. You see, Bailey Rae was born at 11:46a.m. March 5, 1999 three days shy of her due date, March 8th. And at the same moment, the Pastor at the burial was saying, "Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust." One moment later, he was descending into the grave, the same moment our daughter came sliding into the world. God truly was holding our hands. He bestowed upon us an angel and I can honestly say, she is her daddy's little angel. Without her, I don't know if my husband could have survived all of the losses our family had in that year.

Bailey Rae Erickson, March 5, 1999, weighing 7 lbs, 2 oz. and 19 1/4 inches long, named after the last gift we gave my Father In-law, Bailey's Irish Cream, and Rae to honor his name, Raymond. We are now expecting our second little miracle.

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