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Meri Beth and Blade
High Blood Pressure, Induced Labor, Vaginal Delivery

My due date for my third child was August 12, 2000. I went to the doctor on July 18th. It was a normal visit, but I had a lot of swelling and hadn't been feeling good for a couple of days. I had to see a different doctor because mine was out of town. At the doctor's office, I had an extreme amount of protein in my urine. The nurse checked my blood pressure, and it was very high. The doctor checked me, and I wasn't dilated. He also did a sonogram to check the fluid around my baby, which was fine. The doctor put me on complete bedrest, and I was to see my own doctor and have a non-stress test done twice a week. I also had to do a urine test for 24 hours because of the high amount of protein.

I went to the hospital to have the non-stress test done. Everything was fine with the baby. I had to stay a couple of hours to have my blood pressure monitored. They really thought bedrest would help it. My daughters and I went to stay with my grandmother. We had just moved over an hour away from hospital, and my husband had too much going on at work at that time to take off. My grandmother is only 15 minutes away from hospital.

My next appointment was July 20th. I went to the hospital at 9:30 for the NST. Baby was still doing great. My blood pressure was checked several times and still very high. I had to stay awhile to have it monitored. It went up to 195/105 and wasn't coming down. I was told I wasn't going anywhere. I was given medication to get blood pressure down and an IV with some medication to keep me from having any seizures.

The doctor came in and told me he wanted to induce me. He told me that the baby would have to be considered premature because his weight would probably be low and there was a chance his lungs wouldn't be developed. He told me that he would probably have to be on oxygen after he was born. He said if we didn't do this he could lose both of us. I was checked and dilated to 2 before the induction was started at 12:00. My husband was on his way. I was in back labor, and had a mild pain medication to take the edge off the contractions. I had an internal monitor put on the baby which broke my water. That helped speed things up. My blood pressure was still high, but not as high.

At 7:30 I had my baby boy. He was just fine; he even weighed 8 lbs. I had a bad tear that tore my rectal muscle. Two days later we brought our son Blade Charles Douglas home. We all enjoy every second with him. His sisters Kierstyn 7, and Ashlynn 3 adore him. I know we were very lucky to have a healthy baby.


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