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Sara and Breeana Lee
Premature Rupture of Membranes, Unmedicated Vaginal Delivery at 37 weeks, 3-Hour Labor

I found out I was pregnant on November 29th, 1995. My pregnancy was normal without any complications. I was told that my due date would be August 6th, 1996. I discovered via ultrasound on May 8th that I was having a little girl. I took a Bradley Method Birthing Class, with my birthing partner. I had a wonderful baby shower given by my mother on what I believed to be the hottest day of my life. It was a 103º outside.

On the Fourth of July I saw something I will never forget. My daughter did a flip inside my stomach as I sat in my living room. She was positioned with her head up until that moment. Then next morning I awoke with a space between my breasts and my growing belly. I had dropped.

During my pregnancy I wasn't getting enough calcium and my teeth began to deteriorate rapidly. I had to have six crowns and a few fillings done throughout the course of my pregnancy. On the day before I delivered I was in the dentist's chair. My daughter was kicking up a storm within my stomach (she hated that drill). I also had a doctor's appointment that day. I went to my doctor's appointment, numbed on half of my mouth. I explained to the doctor that I had seen some of my mucous plug when I used the restroom that day. She said I was fine and that I was going to go to full term, three weeks later. I, however, was ready to have this baby.

At 3:30 in the morning on July 18th (the next day) I awoke to a popping sensation. When I got up I thought that I had urinated in my sleep. I woke my sister up and told her that my water broke! At that time my parents had only one car and my mother was taking my father to work. When she arrived and all the lights were on she was worried. We did not have a phone that could dial out of our local toll area at that time, so we had to go to a payphone about a mile away to call the hospital and alert them that my water broke. The triage nurse told me that I had plenty of time, to lay down, rest, take a shower, and then come in.

I called my best friend and told her I was going to have my baby today. While speaking with her and reading my book about labor she noticed that every three minutes I was pausing and holding my breath and she said you are having contractions aren't you. It wasn't painful like everyone said it was - uncomfortable yes, but not agonizing pain. Keeping in mind that the hospital is a 45-minute drive from my house, I decided that it was time to go to the hospital. My mother drove and my sister sat in the back of the truck with me. She was writing down what time it was when I had each contraction and told me she didn't believe I was in labor because I wasn't screaming. The contractions were two minutes apart the entire drive to the hospital.

When we arrived, we went to the nurses' station to check in and there weren't any examination rooms. Due to the full moon that evening, many other women went into labor as well. So by this time I was too uncomfortable to sit in a chair and I kept thinking that I needed to use the restroom. While in the restroom I saw that I had a blood tinged mucous plug. I came out of the bathroom and went to the nurses' station and exclaimed that I couldn't sit down and that it felt as though the baby were really low. She escorted me to an examination room and told me to put on a gown and get on the table. I could not get on the table and sit down. The nurse came in and made me get on the table and place my feet up on the table and examined me, at that moment I felt the urge to push. I was told to wait. I was nine centimeters dilated and 100% effaced. She motioned for another nurse to bring a wheelchair to take me into the labor/delivery room.

When I got onto the table in the labor/delivery room they placed an external fetal monitor on my belly and I was indeed having contractions every two minutes. It was time to push; I was at ten centimeters dilation by the time the doctor arrived. I pushed for 15 minutes and the baby was going in to distress. At 6:22 in the morning, less than three hours after my water broke; my 7-lb 7-oz. 21 1/2-inches baby girl was born.

I named her Breeana Lee. They performed the Apgar test and she did well. Her temperature was not warm enough to bathe her, so I was allowed to hold her immediately afterwards for about an hour. I had one stitch and did not have an episiotomy. I was sent to the recovery room and then they placed her under a warming incubator and then sponge bathed her when she was warm enough. She slept all hours of the day. I had to wake her for feedings, completely undress her and turn the lights down, so she'd wake up. I breastfed exclusively for two weeks and found out she was intolerant to my breast milk. The doctor suggested that I only use soy formula.

Becoming a single-parent was a blessing for me. It changed my entire life. I had a reason to achieve all of the goals I had set in life. I feel as though she saved my life. I am now expecting my second child, with my husband. Our one-year anniversary is on August 26th, 2001. Our new baby girl is due on September 2nd, 2001. We have decided to name her Camryn Rose.

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