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Tristi and her daughter Brielle
Vaginal Birth, Short Labor, Unmedicated, Baby Born in Caul

I was due with our third baby girl on November 8th, although midway through my pregnancy my midwife changed the due date to November 4th. I had a fairly easy pregnancy. I had only slight morning sickness and was tired easily, but other than that nothing too bad. We did have a scare around 20 weeks with her heartbeat. It was discovered on the ultrasound that she had a heart murmer. But thankfully it went away on its own before she was born.

In the month before my due date I was having a lot of contractions, nearly every day. Mostly in the evenings, and they would last for up to two hours. I went for long walks and would come home having contractions 5 minutes apart, but as soon as I rested they would stop. It was so frustrating!

The day before I went into labor was a Sunday, and I again went for a long walk. Again, the contractions stopped. I just knew I would be pregnant forever! I woke up the next morning, November 3rd, at 1:45 am. I had a pain, and my first thought was that it was gas, so I stumbled to the bathroom. While on the toilet I had another pain and this one woke me up enough to realize that these were contractions! I was a little stunned and then very excited. This was finally the day!

I have a history of fast labors, so I woke my husband right away. As I was telling him that I was having contractions, I had another, and then started getting the shakes. That really scared me as I know that can be a sign of transition. So I called our babysitter, who said she would be over right away. As we waited for her, my contractions got stronger and more intense until I could no longer stand or talk through them. My husband came in from bringing our bags out to the car to find me on my hands and knees on the kitchen floor, panting. He got pretty nervous then! By the time we were half way to the hospital I had gotten ahold of my midwife, who said she would meet us at the hospital. Thankfully it was just a ten minute drive!

We got there around 2:45 am, and went by wheelchair straight up to the L & D room. I was given a gown and the nurses started asking questions. I was already at that point in my labor where I start to zone out and feel incapable of speech, but they managed to get all the right info somehow. One of the nurses checked me and I was at 7-8 and I heard her say that the baby's head was high up.

At that point my contractions were about 2 minutes apart, lasting about one to one and a half minutes. They were intense, but I could handle them by focusing and reminding myself that they wouldn't last forever, and that in the end our baby girl would be here.

By then our midwife was there, and she was so fantastic. She seemed to be able to read my mind, offering me cold cloths for my head and neck just when I needed them. My husband was there too, and was such a good support, offering sips of water and a hand to squueze.

It seemed really peaceful to me at that time. I could feel that we were all waiting for the next stage, but it was quiet, and dim in the room. Nobody really spoke much except for the nurses would comment occasionally or my midwife would say something supportive. I had prayed throughout my pregnancy that I wouldn't deliver like I had with our second baby--such an intense, fast and out of control feeling! I had just enough time so that I didn't feel like that with this birth. I just focused during the contractions and rested between them.

Then after about a half hour, I could feel the contractions changing, becoming more pushy. I didn't say anything at first because I was scared of that intense pressure/pain that comes with pushing. But soon there was no denying it--my body was starting to push on its own. Without saying much my midwife started to press a warm cloth against my perineum while I pushed, which felt so much better! Nobody counted, nobody told me to hold my breath--and I loved that. For the first few pushes I could feel her head wasn't coming down. The midwife said something about pushing her under my pelvic bone, so with the next push I gave it all I had, even though that pressure was so intense. And I felt a little pop as she moved under the bone and then with the next push her head was out. I felt a little gush of water, and the midwife said she'd been born in the bag of water! I felt her legs kick inside of me as she was half out, and that was the weirdest feeling ever! Then all of a sudden she was on my chest--all purple and gooey and screaming! I laughed and cried all at once, and I watched as her eyes opened and she looked right up at me! It was the most amazing feeling--love at first sight!! She latched on and started nursing right there, and a few minutes later decided to pee on me! She laid on my chest for a good ten or fifteen minutes while I delivered the placenta and got cleaned up. Then the nurses took her to her little bed and wiped her off and bundled her all up like a burrito. She was back in my arms within a few minutes where she spent most of the rest of the night.

She was born in only 2 hours (from first waking up at 1:45 to her birth at 3:46) and all natural! She was born in the water sack with her hand up to her mouth--the midwife said I was very lucky I didn't tear because of her hand being up like that.

We are so thankful for our little blessing!


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