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Amanda and Cali
Vaginal birth, no medication

It was October 9, 1999 and I was eight months pregnant with my first child. My due date had been set at November 11, so I wasn't really worried about going into labor early. On the 9th I went for my weekly doctor's exam and was told that the baby was still about three to four weeks away and I had no reason to worry about early labor.

Well after that I returned home and went into what I thought was labor. When I arrived at the hospital I was monitored, told I was in false labor and sent home once it stopped. On October 11 I experienced harder contractions and went to the hospital. Yet, they sent me home again to sit through the pain until the medicine started working, but it never did, and was I in some pain! The next day I bore the excruciating pain till 3 p.m. and finally gave in to going back to the hospital, hoping to come home with a baby. But before I was released again I had to be examined by the on call doctor (not my doctor) and guess what? After examining me I found my mucus plug on the examining table as plain as day. I was given the same medication and sent home though against my wishes.

I got home at 5:30 p.m. and went to make myself something to eat. After I had eaten, I noticed that the contractions were back, but this time I disregarded them thinking it was false labor again. Later that night I decided to take a walk to try to calm the contractions. I came back to the house after walking about two miles around the neighborhood. But I couldn't sit still. I wanted water and to pace the floor. And the weirdest thing started to happen. I had to use the bathroom and I had heard if you could use the bathroom you were not in labor. But I couldn't, and I finally admitted to myself after everyone had gone to bed that I was in labor. I got up and decided to drive myself to the hospital so that if it was false labor I could come home unmissed.

As I arrived I felt the need to go back to the bathroom. So I went and I almost couldn't walk out the contractions hurt so bad. But when I got out I was sent straight up to be monitored and examined. To my surprise my contractions were real labor and on first examination I was told that I was already at six centimeters and that I was staying this time. I called and spoke to my mother-in-law, telling her to tell my husband to get to the hospital - that soon our little boy would be here.

At about 2:30 a.m. my mother-in-law and my husband showed up to watch over me. The hospital wouldn't let me walk so I constantly got up and went to the bathroom and to rock in the rocking chair. At 6:30 am my mother-in-law went to wake my nieces up to get ready for school. And not 10 minutes later while sitting on the toilet my body began pushing on its own! I screamed at my husband to get up and get the doctor because this baby was finally ready to be born. But there was one more surprise in store! In my last sonogram I was told that I was having a boy, but guess what? Cali Green, a 6 lbs 13 oz girl was born to me at 7:14 a.m. and made my life a little more fulfilled.


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