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Jennifer and her baby Devin
Vaginal Delivery After 80 Minutes of Labor

I got pregnant with Devin in October of 1999. We were so excited; we had been trying for a few years with no success. My pregnancy went pretty well. I had gestational diabetes, which was controlled with insulin. The other problem I had was my tailbone. It is too flat to accommodate a large baby. So the doctor monitored her size very closely, to make sure she was not over 7 pounds.

At my first appointment we got to see her on ultrasound, she was just a little peanut. Around the 20th week we had our second ultrasound. She was very uncooperative and did not want us to know her sex. Four weeks before my due date (August 6), the doctor did one final ultrasound; she let us know this time she was a girl. At this point in my pregnancy I was already dilated to 2, so I was told if contractions started to call the doctor. I went to two more appointments, at the last one I was dilated to 4, so the doctor decided he would induce my labor if I did not progress by myself over the weekend.

My husband and I made sure we had everything ready for Monday morning. He was working swing shift on Sunday night, so I made sure all of the little things were ready to go the next morning. At 10:50pm, I went to use the restroom, and my water broke. At first I was not sure what was happening. My husband was not due home for another half hour, and I was in terrible pain. Luckily for me my father-in-law was home. He timed my contractions, and they were coming about every 3 minutes, lasting almost a minute. I thought we would be fine to wait until my husband was home, but the contractions told me otherwise. My father-in-law got all of my stuff into the car and called my husband. He and my mother-in-law would meet us at the hospital a half hour away.

When we arrived at the hospital they were there waiting for us with a wheelchair. We went inside and checked in. The got me into a room pretty quickly. The nurse who was taking care of me was not a very pleasant lady. She told me I was being a wimp, and there was no way my labor was that far. She finally got me onto the bed to do the internal exam. She had a sudden look of panic on her face. She looked at me and said, "You are at 10, fully effaced, and there is the head." She called the doctor, and had me start pushing. The pushing was a relief compared to the contractions. And I could feel her coming out pretty fast. The doctor finally arrived, totally unprepared and told me to quit pushing. Well, I don't know about that, stop pushing, yeah right. He ended up wrapping his gown around his hands and catching. I was so amazed when they laid her on my belly. Devin Christine Allred came into the world at 12:10am, after an hour and twenty minutes of labor. She was 7 pounds 2 ounces, and 19 inches long. Due to her size and the shape of my tailbone, it was cracked as she came out. But it was well worth it to have a beautiful baby girl.


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