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Celine and Dylan
Pre-eclampsia, pitocin, epidural, C-Section

My pregnancy went quite smoothly. I had all of the usual aches and pains and morning sickness, but nothing out of the ordinary, for 38 weeks. I was really tired of being pregnant by then and wanted to deliver early. Thanksgiving weekend had been my goal date.

The following Monday after Thanksgiving I had my 38 weeks appointment. I asked my husband Doug if he could come with me. He had been to most of the appointments but since I was going every week he skipped a few -- besides most of my appointments had been pretty boring! So we showed up at the Doctor's office at 8:00 am. We were running a bit late and our doctor was expected in surgery very soon, so the nurses didn't weigh me or take my blood pressure or take a urine sample (for the first time). Well on that day of all days they should have.

I saw the doctor and showed him my hugely swollen feet for the 10th time and expected him to tell me it was part of being pregnant. But instead he took my blood pressure and took it again and yet again -- it was high. He needed to see the results on weigh in and urine --which were missing and ordered them done. Sure enough I had protein in my urine and had gained eight lbs in one week. Those things along with the swelling and high pressure meant I had pre-eclampsia. He calmly said I was going to have my baby today! He would induce labor this morning and we should be parents by the end of the day! Doug and I were stunned! He told me to go the hospital and check in and for Doug to go home and get our packed bag! It felt crazy for both of us.

Now, for the last nine months I had been planning for a very natural birth. I wanted to labor at home and then when we got close I would come to the hospital and labor in the tub. I would not be having an epidural and the baby would be placed on my naked belly to begin suckling. I was sure this would all happen as planned because I had a very supportive doctor that didn't even do episiotomies! Well, let's say I had anything BUT a natural delivery.

Once I checked in, I asked for a room with a tub. "Well, not with your high blood pressure," I was told. So I got in bed and the nurses started a magnesium drip. This was to prevent me from developing eclampsia during labor and having a seizure. The magnesium was terrible! I got very hot and threw up for about 20 minutes. Once the initial effects cooled down it just left me feeling a bit spacey and seeing double. This was, once again, not going to help my natural birth plan since I would need my wits about me.

At 9 AM the pitocin drip was also started and I was put on a blood pressure monitor to check my BP every five minutes! I was dilated to two cm at this point. At 10:00 Doug showed up afraid he would miss the birth -- but it was still a ways away. At 11:00 AM I was checked again and was three cm. The Doctors wanted things sped up (due to Pre-eclampsia) so they broke my water. An hour later I was four cm. Well this hardly hurt and I thought "I can totally do this -- no problem." I had some pain but nothing I couldn't handle.

Doug was a great coach. He rubbed my back with all his might and watched the monitors for contractions to warn me, fed me water regularly, etc. The nurses turned up the pit drip every 20 minutes or so. So from about noon to 6:00 PM we labored and it got worse and worse. I was in so much pain by then and having no breaks between contractions, I couldn't take another. I figured I must really be in transition and it would be over soon -- so just a bit longer. When my doctor came in and saw me he said he wanted me to have an epidural because they really needed to turn up the pitocin. I told him to check me -- I was still at four cm. I was devastated and said to get me an epidural before I had another contraction. Once the epi was in I could close my eyes and rest. I immediately dilated to a seven. My head was pounding from the magnesium, I was seeing double and I was exhausted. Doug was also tired -- he needed the break too.

At 9:00 PM the doctor checked me and I was ten cm -- ready to push. The epidural had worn off and I got into squatting position. I pushed for two hours. The actual pushing wasn't bad at all, it was the magnesium that made it not so fun. My head felt like it was going to explode with each push and I couldn't see anything straight. After two hours the baby's head still hadn't moved down so the doctor suggested a c-section and I was actually for it!

So half an hour later at 11:25 PM Dylan Maximilan was born with the cord around his neck twice and still very high in the uterus. He weighed 7 lbs 1 oz. and was 19 inches long. Even though the day was hard, I love to relive it all the time.

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