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Brandi and Grant Daniel
Vaginal Birth with Epidural and Episiotomy

I found out that I was pregnant in October of 1997. I was 21 years old, and we were a little scared, but excited at the same time.

My first ultrasound was in February. I had a friend at work who told me I must drink four 8 ounce glasses of water one hour before my ultrasound since I had forgotten what my doctor said. I think it was maybe two glasses. I did what my friend said. When I finally made it to my ultrasound appointment, I thought I was going to wet my pants! But, it did work out very well, even though I was very uncomfortable. My ultrasound came out extremely clear. We were so surprised that it actually looked like a baby and even more surprised when we noticed that we were expecting a boy!

My pregnancy seemed like it flew by up until that last month. I was totally miserable; It was the beginning of June and very hot! I started feeling some back pain on June 2, but I didn't really think anything of it. By the next day it was worse, but I didn't think that it was labor because it was a constant aching. My husband had just left for work and I decided to call my doctor's office and speak with a nurse. I told the nurse about the back pain. She asked me how many weeks I was, and I told her I was 38 weeks. Her next comment made my day!!!! She said, "Oh, honey, you're in labor! Go to the hospital!" I called my husband and off we went. I can't explain how excited we were! I couldn't wait to see our baby and to be back to my old self again!

We got to the hospital, and we went directly to a room and got hooked up to a monitor. We called everyone . . . we should have waited! To our complete disappointment they sent me home! I started crying.

One long and miserable week later, we were sleeping and I woke up and just glanced at the clock. It said 4:29 am. I shifted the best I could to try and get comfortable and felt something wet go gushing down my leg! At first I thought I was having an "accident" but soon I knew I couldn't control it! I woke up my husband and waddled over to the toilet. Since I knew they wouldn't send me home now, I called everyone once again.

Back at the hospital, this time for good, my contractions were very mild. We were walking around the halls for about an hour and that seemed to help. At about 10:00 am my nurse came into check me because by contractions were starting to get harder, and I was only dilated to 1 cm. They hooked me up to some pitocin and things sped up. By 2:00 pm I knew by the pain that I must be at least 8 or 9 cm. I begged my nurse to come check me again! I was 2 cm. My doctor came in and asked me if I would like an epidural because at this point, I could not relax between my contractions. He thought that it might help me progress if I could relax a little. Of course, I said yes, please give it to me asap!

By 6:00 pm I was at 5cm and at around 8:00 pm I was finally at 10cm! I did a couple of "practice pushes" just so I could get the feeling of pushing and then the fun started! I was at the point where I knew when I wanted to push; my epidural had been wearing off so the urge was there and I was going for it! I pushed for an hour and when my doctor said, "ok, give it all you have," I was so tired, I didn't think I had it in me. I took a deep breath and pushed as hard as I could. I remember feeling a really bad burning sensation, and I thought the baby was coming out of my butt. My doctor told me to hold on, and he gave me an episiotomy, then he said one more push and he will be out.

My husband was so wonderful the whole time, helping me, and breathing with me. He was telling me what he was seeing. He was so excited, he said, "Oh I see his head; he has hair." At this point I just wanted him out. I replied to my husband, "I really don't care right now just get him out". With that I pushed as hard as I could and I felt a little bit of relief when they said his head was out. After suctioning his nose and mouth out, I pushed him the rest of the way out. It felt really weird! You can feel every part of his body leaving yours. Then he cried and they put him on my chest right away. He was the most precious thing we have ever seen. He weighed 7 lbs, 15 oz and was 19 inches long.

What a gift. Nothing will ever compare to being a mother to him. We can't imagine what we ever did without him!

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