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Kim and Hannah
Preterm labor and bedrest but delivered over a week late, induced with pitocin, epidural, vaginal delivery

I was so overjoyed when I found out I was pregnant. This would be my second child and they would be the ideal 2 years apart. Everything was smooth sailing until I was about 7 months along. One afternoon I started having contractions, and they were 6 minutes apart and getting closer. Luckily my husband was home. We called the doctor who told us to go to Labor and Delivery. I was scared!

When I got there, they determined that I was in pre-term labor. They stopped the labor with medicine and kept me in the hospital for several days. This happened a couple more times. So I was put on bed rest until the 38th week of my pregnancy. Well, finally 38 weeks came around and I was ready! I was so tired of being pregnant, and was sure the baby would come any day considering all the pre term labors.

Well, it didn't. My doctor tried stripping my membranes once but that didn't work, so my doctor told me to have a lot of sex. That didn't work either! I was getting really angry once I passed my due date (November 1, 2000). Finally, on November 9 I had a prenatal appointment with my doctor. She was going to really strip my membranes this time. When she listened for the heartbeat she said it sounded funny so they hooked me up to the fetal monitor. After sitting there for 2 hours, they told me to go to LDR because the heartbeat didn't sound right. I called my husband and he rushed to the hospital. They gave me a non-stress test, which put me into labor to see if the baby will react okay. After a few hours they told me the baby was okay and that I could either go home or stay on the Pitocin and have the baby. I chose to stay. I was already over a week late!

The doctor immediately broke my water which was stained with meconium. It took about 5 hours to get to 5 cm., at which time I got an epidural. After that I felt wonderful. It took me about another hour to get to 6. A few minutes after she checked me I told her I felt a lot of pressure. She said she just checked me but would check again. I was at 7. Then no more than 5 minutes later I was completely dilated. I started pushing and did so for about 2 1/2 hours! By the time the head was crowning I was screaming for the doctor to hurry up and come in because I wouldn't hold on any longer. Apparently she had her head turned the wrong way and couldn't get past my bone. So the doctor used a vacuum to pull the head out. After that it was easy. She came right out. Because she had a bowel movement they had to take her right away and suction her out so I didn't get to hold her right off and my husband didn't get to cut the cord. But soon after they brought me my little girl. She was a beautiful 7 lbs. 3 oz. and 19 1/4 in. It was all worth it! And that is the story of the birth of my little Hannah Noelle Wright.


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