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Birth Stories at StorkNet ~ your pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding and parenting community
Welcome to our birth stories area!

Check out these new stories:

Matilda's Birth
Home Waterbirth
as told by mom Kati

Joash's Birth
Vaginal Birth, Birthing Center, Unmedicated
as told by mom Serenity

Nora's Birth
Vaginal Birth, Birthing Center, Unmedicated
as told by mom Bridget

Brielle's Birth
Vaginal Birth, Short Labor, Unmedicated, Baby Born in Caul
as told by mom Tristi

Amelie Grace's Birth
Overdue, Vaginal Delivery, Birthing Center, Unmedicated
as told by mom Tania

Natalie's Birth
Vaginal Birth, Induction, Epidural
as told by mom Jennifer

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How to Submit Your Birth Story:

StorkNet is very proud of our special collection of birth stories, and our readers find them valuable to read. If you would like to submit your birth story, here is what you do . . .

  • Type your story in a word processing document.

  • Include your name and baby's name.

  • Please SPELL CHECK before you send to us! The cleaner your typing and grammar, the faster the story can be posted.

  • Please do not send a long story as ONE paragraph. If you do, we need to take the time to separate portions of your story into paragraphs.

  • Spell out abbreviations such as ultrasound for u/s, appointment for appt, and spell out symbols such as "and" instead of &.

  • Be cautious of words like "cause" (should be "because"), "til" (should be "until"), "doc" should be "doctor") "I seen" (should be "I've seen" or "I saw") etc. Your story will be much more interesting if you take just a few minutes to edit: read your story a couple times after you have written it. It sounds very basic, but it is important and it saves us time. We will also make corrections if necessary, but you will help us out greatly if you spend some time checking your story. This helps us get the stories up sooner!

  • VERY IMPORTANT! You MUST include a statement with your story that you give StorkNet permission to print your story. We cannot publish it without this statement!

  • We will notify you if your story is used. Again, please be aware that we may edit your story for grammar, punctuation, spelling and length if necessary.

  • It may take us up to three weeks to post your story, if it's used. We try to get them up much sooner but when real life gets in the way, we do the best we can.

  • Remember that we cannot use your story if you do not give us permission to post it on StorkNet, and not all stories will be posted. THANK YOU!
Now, copy your story from your word processing document and paste into the following form, and be sure to add your statement giving us permission to post your story:



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