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Julie and Jade
Vaginal Delivery Without Pain Medication

This was my first baby, and I was due November 18, 1999. My sister, Jessica, and her husband Dave, had come down from Texas on November 19, and we decided to walk around the mall. I crossed my fingers hoping that I would start into labor before she had to drive back to Texas. On November 22, they decided to drive two hours down to San Diego to visit Dave's family.

When I started into labor at 6:30 am on 11/21/99, the contractions started at 35 minutes apart. Four hours later they were coming at about 3-7 minutes apart. I called my midwife to see when I should come to the hospital because this was my first baby, and I had no clue what I was supposed to do. She told me that since I was able to talk through a contraction, I was most likely not in labor. So I decided to at least go in to be checked to see how dilated I was. I wanted to know that my body was at least doing something, and I wasn't imagining labor pains. David (my fiance) came, camera in hand, with me to the hospital. When I got there, they told me to change into one of those funny little outfits. (You know what i mean the ones when no matter how tight you tie them your butt always ends up hanging out.) Then they hooked me up to a monitor, and it showed that I wasn't having any contractions. Come to find out, the belt had been pushed all the way over my uterus so it wasn't showing my contractions. They were going to send me home, and as they were giving me the paper to release myself, they said "if your water breaks come back." As they said that, stuff started trickling down my leg. They checked it, and it was amniotic fluid, so they admitted me right then.

Me and David were so excited, we started high fiving one another and was just extremely elated. They hooked me up to the penicillin to help get my Strep B under control. Let me tell you, it stung. I had to have four bags of it. Nineteen hours passed, and all my contractions were three minutes apart and very painful. I decided to labor in the tub hoping it would help me dilate, and it did. Finally pushing time came, and I pushed for two and a half hours! Talk about pain, and I did it all natural. I didn't have to get an episiotomy.

Jade Alyssa Royce was born on November 22, 1999 at 5:05 am weighing in at 8 lbs 11 ounces, fundal head was 14 and a half inches, and she is 21 and a half inches long. I have been breastfeeding, and things are coming along good, and even though I wouldn't change having this baby for the world, I would strongly say GET THE EPIDURAL!


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