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Kari and James Andrew "Drew"
Vaginal delivery, epidural, high risk

Since this was my first baby I was pretty scared at what the whole birthing process would entail. When I was 22, I had had a stroke and I was now 23 and pregnant. So, naturally I was seeing a high risk OB doctor.

I woke up on Saturday, April 1, 2000 with what felt like very light menstrual cramps. I thought that I was having hunger pains! So, I went and got some Fruit Loops! This was at about 10:00 am. When I finished my cereal I needed to go to the bathroom. I waddled to the bathroom and sat down. Meanwhile, my husband had called my mother, who lives 2 1/2 hours away, just to tell her good morning. When, all of the sudden, my husband hears a shrieking scream. He jumped from the bed with the phone in hand, looks into my terrified eyes and says, "She's bleeding!" My mom who is a nurse says, "Yeah, right. Good April Fools joke!" When she heard me crying in the background she immediately knew I wasn't kidding.

Now, remember this was my first time at being in labor and I didn't know what to expect. Also, there was a lot of blood. More than I would call 'BLOODY SHOW!!' Yes, I had read the books and all of the articles that are supposed to get you ready for labor and what to expect. The first thing I thought of was the worst (of course). I got out my trusty Mayo Clinic Pregnancy Book and started reading all about this coming apart from that and all of the horrible things that could happen. While reading this I was balling, and my husband was calling the doctor. Of course, my mom had told me before we had hung up with her that I needed to just calm down and call my doctor to see what he says. She also told me that this didn't necessarily mean that I was going to have our baby boy today.

Meanwhile, my husband talked to the doctor and the doctor told him that I could go in if the pains progressed or got worse. He said that if I wasn't having any labor pains it was nothing to get excited over.

I got in the shower and washed really good (just in case). It took me a total of 2 hours to get ready to go because I wasn't going to get excited, I was going to take my time. All of the sudden, I had noticed that my tiny little menstrual cramps had stopped. As my husband and I were debating on whether to go to the hospital or not, I told him, "Just to make sure - let's go." I went ahead and packed a bag just in case I had to go to the hospital.

All the way to the hospital I kept telling my husband that I wasn't in labor. I was due on April 11 and it was only April 1st! When we got to the hospital, they put us in a small room and told me the doctor would be in shortly. After my husband had played with every gadget in the room and half an hour had passed, the doctor that was there at the time came in and checked me. She asked, "Are you ready to have this baby today? You are dilated to 3 cm." Talk about surprised!

I was admitted at 2:00 pm and my mom got there at 4:30 pm. Remember, she lives 2 1/2 hours away. She says she doesn't remember most of the drive.

When I got settled in my L&D room they already had an anesthesiologist waiting on me to give the epidural. They were very concerned with my pain and how I would handle it because of my stroke I had last year. They had me hooked up to everything, with a nurse in there at all times. All of the sudden, my BP went way down and my baby's heart rate dropped. All I had to do was change positions and everything was fine.

The nurse kept checking me about every hour or so and by 7:30 pm I was ready to start pushing. I pushed for 30 minutes or so and our beautiful baby boy, James Andrew, was delivered at 8:03 pm. He was 21 inches long and weighed 8 lbs. 1 oz. Drew is now 15 months old and doing something new everyday. He has been a joy to his daddy and I since April Fools Day 2000!

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