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Anna and Jeffrey Alan
Vaginal birth, pitocin, Misoprostol, epidural, broken collarbone

I was 10 days overdue and my doctor had wanted to induce me for quite some time, so we finally said okay. We arrived at the hospital at midnight on Monday, May 1st, 2001. They did all the normal "prep" stuff, including monitoring the baby for half an hour. Then we were allowed to sleep until 2:00 am, when I received my first dose of Misoprostol. The annoying thing was that I had to be monitored for 1.5 hours after each Misoprostol dose was given, and it was really hard to lie still for that long!

I pretty much slept through the first dose, as the cramping was minimal. At 6:00 am I was checked again and dilated to 2cm (I'd come in at 1cm). The nurse put in the second dose of Misoprostol then, and the contractions started coming almost immediately. They were noticeable but not bad. By 8:00 am the contractions were getting pretty "good," and I was checked and at 3cm. My husband and I decided to walk the halls, hoping that would help things along.

At 9:00 am they started a very small amount of pitocin. I immediately noticed an intense increase in the contractions, but it was still manageable. At about 9:30 am my doctor came in and, with my permission, broke my water. That did it! The pitocin was turned off and I was laboring on my own. The contractions started coming one after another, lasting a long time each!

The pain was really bad by 10:30 am, and since the anesthesiologist was going to be at a c-section at noon, I decided to get my epidural then. By 11:00 am the epidural was pretty much in place. The funny thing is that my husband passed out while I was getting it! He was holding my head against his chest, as you have to hunch over while having it done, and I was having some really bad contractions at the time, when all of a sudden he started shaking me. I was wondering what in the world he was doing! The nurse realized he'd gone limp and pale and had to call in backup for my husband! (He recovered just fine, though). I was checked and at 6cm by then.

Shortly after I got the epidural, my nurse turned almost white, as the baby's heart rate had PLUMMETED. She called in for help, and an emergency call was placed to my doctor. He came running. They put me on oxygen, and it was really scary. My doctor told me to prepare for the fact that I may have to have an emergency c-section. They had me move from position to position, trying to find one that would bring baby's heart rate back up. Finally as I lay halfway on my left side, it came back up. doctor said the cord was most likely wrapped around his neck.

I was then checked and had dilated from 6cm to 9cm in only 7 MINUTES! That was pretty scary, and it seemed like everything was happening so fast. I started feeling a lot of pressure down there. My doctor had assumed it would be at least another hour, but then realized this baby was coming NOW!

So then the pushing came, and I pushed for only 15 minutes and Jeffrey was out! They were all prepared to have to resuscitate the baby (very common when the cord is around the neck), but even though the cord had been around the neck, he was fine! The only thing that happened was that his collarbone broke on the way out (shoulder dystocia) because of his size.

~ JEFFREY ALAN, born at exactly 12 NOON, May 1st, 2001. 9lbs, 1oz, 21 inches long, 14.25 head circ. ~

Immediately afterward I got to hold him for the longest time (about 45 minutes). I'd had an episiotomy (because they had to use forceps) and a slight tear.

It definitely was a VERY positive birth experience, quite different from my daughter's birth 5 years ago! Because my labor and delivery were shorter than expected, they only had me on the penicillin for group B Strep for 2 hours instead of 4, so we had to stay an extra day so Jeffrey could be monitored. We also found out 2 days later that his collarbone had broken on the way out. I can truly say that now that we know of all the things that happened to him (cord around neck, collarbone breaking because of his size, etc.) that I am glad I was induced when I was.

I truly believe that because I had such a positive birth experience this time around, I bonded quicker and better with my baby. He and my daughter are the lights of my life and I'm so very thankful to have them both.

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