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Tara and Jesse Aaron
Vaginal birth, Demerol, no Epidural

After waiting four long years, I was finally holding a positive pregnancy test in my hands! My husband Joel and I were married in June of 1996 and I reluctantly agreed to wait five years before we would start our family (I was only 21!) As we saw all our friends and family begin to have kids it started a yearning for ourselves, and I was able to convince him to start trying a year sooner than planned! It only took three months. Because I'm so regular, I knew I was pregnant after I was only one day late. It was the beginning of nine months of excitement; I was very fortunate to have a really easy pregnancy.

The last week of April 2001 was a very uncomfortable week for me. It was also my last week of work as a dental assistant. After two days of feeling incredibly uncomfortable (more than normal) and having a lot of back pain, we decided to go in to the hospital to get checked out. It turned out I had a bladder infection, and not false labor as I had suspected. I was still more than two weeks away from my due date and not expecting to be going into labor quite yet! In fact, being my first pregnancy I was counting on being late, as so many first timers are, and getting all kinds of housework and errands done before the baby's arrival! Well, after four more days of feeling lousy (the antibiotic didn't really help) I was heading back to the hospital minus my bags since I figured it was another false alarm. It was Sunday April 29, at 6:30 p.m.

I was so shocked to find out I was already four centimeters dilated; I was having our baby that night, two weeks early! I had not been experiencing contractions the way they had been described to me and so I had not suspected labor pains. I was wheeled away to a private birthing room where the nurses took very good care of me for the next few days. My waters were broken at midnight and shortly after that I began to experience real contractions. There was no mistaking them! I was able to try out a birthing ball at a nurse's suggestion but I did not find it helped me because I was so worried about having an accident. I felt the most comfortable sitting on the toilet but my nurse didn't let me sit there too long because I almost fell off a few times due to the effects of the Demerol I had been given. I had gone into labor wanting drugs, especially an epidural, knowing that I have a very low pain threshold. I was told that I was unable to have an epidural due to the anesthesiologist being busy with another woman, and then once he was free I was ready to push. I was scared but knew I had to do it anyway!

My husband was so encouraging and held my hand while he counted me through the contractions. It took a couple of hours of pushing partly because I was too scared to push as hard as everyone was telling me to because of the pain. But finally at 6:26 a.m., on Monday, April 30th 2001 we had our baby boy that we had secretly been hoping for! He weighed 7 lbs. 12 oz. and was 21 inches long-a big boy considering he was two weeks early! Our little Jesse Aaron had lots of dark hair like his mother and had perfect skin. It was so wonderful to become a family with the birth of our little boy!

My due date had been May 13th-Mother's Day-but it was even more special to be able to celebrate it with Jesse because he came early. When I was in the hospital I realized that we had originally aimed to have a baby in April, and it just so happened we got our wish. Jesse is now three months old and still a big boy who smiles a lot! He is a real blessing from God!


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