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Elaine and Katie
Pregnancy After Infertility, Epidural, 5 Hour Labor, Vaginal Delivery

The birth itself was quite fast and not too bad. I woke up at 2:44 am which has been my usual waking time these last few weeks. I was not feeling well and couldn't go back to sleep. My husband, Ron, told me to try and relax; I had woken him up again. I ended up back in the bathroom and when I started feeling nauseous, I knew it was time to call the doctor. We called her around 3:30, and Ron got everything loaded into the car and got my son, Jon (age 2), ready to go. I was still hugging the bucket at that point.

Jon got to our babysitter's by 4 am and when Ron got back to the car, I was needing him to help me breathe through contractions. Thank goodness there was no traffic on the road. Everything was happening in earnest. We got to the hospital at 4:30 am, and Ron helped me breathe through contractions and get through the internal which showed me to be at 4.5 cm dilation at that point.

They asked me about an epidural which I wasn't sure about, but decided to have once I had reached 5 cm a short time later. It didn't provide the relief which I was expecting this time, but it did take the edge off the contractions which were painful but not as bad as with Jon. Ron was great; he helped me breathe through all the contractions.

The next time they checked, I was 9 cm. I was waiting for the sensation that would tell it was time to push and then I felt it. I pushed for maybe 12 pushes in less than 20 minutes and Katie was born at 7:46 am. In all, things happened in five hours. This was a short and fast labor considering how big Katie was.

The scary time for us came after she was born. Because she was so big, when they tested her blood sugar and found it to be low, I needed to nurse her right away. The level was due to be retested at 11 am, so I was sitting in the nursery with her waiting when she turned blue. I felt so bad because I didn't recognize what was happening. Thank God one of the nurses looked at us when this happened. They took her from me and administered oxygen which is when she started crying. They put her in a special bed for observation and it happened again, so when I went back to check on her, she was under an oxygen hood getting 60% oxygen. I found out the next morning that the doctor had considered sending her to Boston Children's Hospital if it hadn't gotten better overnight. She was down to 40% oxygen on Wednesday morning. They eventually weaned her down to room air---21% over Wednesday. Because they knew I was planning to nurse her and because they had to put in a line so she could receive antibiotics, they gave her dextrose through an IV. I finally got to hold her again Wednesday night, LATE.

We started nursing on Thursday afternoon and she was doing wonderfully. I boarded free of charge at the hospital after my discharge Thursday because Katie was going to have to stay another night. We were finally able to bring her home Friday after her weight had increased. She had lost about 7 ounces since Tuesday on Thursday, but she gained about an ounce back last night. I have great milk!!!!!

The folks who worked with us this week were great and reduced a lot of the stress. I am tired, but feeling pretty chipper. Jon is starting to adjust, but I expect that will take a little time anyway. Katie is gorgeous. We feel very lucky to have her. She seems to be more calm than Jon was. I am trying to be vigilant about feeding her and making sure she eats. It's strange having two children. I think I'm still adjusting to that fact.


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