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Beth and Katherine Rae (KatieBug)
75 hour labor, 3 epidurals, suction removal, vaginal birth

When my husband and found out I was pregnant, we were extremely happy. I had a miscarriage three months earlier, so I was quite nervous. I had a wonderful pregnancy, only getting sick twice. When it came to labor and delivery... that was a different story.

I woke up at midnight Easter Sunday morning (seven days past my due date) with terrible cramps. At first I wasn't sure what was wrong, so I woke up my husband. He told me it's just contractions and to go back to sleep. (He was quite tired.) I tried to sleep, but the pains were getting stronger. I took some Tylenol and went back to bed. Later that day, I was still having steady contractions, but they were seven minutes apart so I went along with my daily routine. That night I woke up at 3:00 AM. The pains were a lot stronger than they were before. I went outside and began walking up and down the driveway. My husband told me to let him know when they were five minutes apart. Around 4:00 AM they were. I went in and woke him up and told him to get ready to go to the hospital.

We arrived at the hospital around 5:00 AM. I was taken into a small room and hooked up to the fetal monitor. Sure enough my contractions were now 2 1/2 minutes apart. The doctor came in and examined me. He told me I was only 1 1/2 cm dilated. He gave me a prescription for a sleeping pill and told me to go home and sleep. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I went home that morning very disappointed.

The next day (Tuesday) I had an appointment with my regular OB. She checked me and I was four cm so she admitted me to the hospital. Meanwhile the contractions were still hitting every two minutes. Once I was placed in my LDR room, I began to throw up from the pain and requested an epidural. The anesthesiologist told me that my legs would go numb in a few minutes. After about 15 minutes all I felt was slight tingling in my right leg, like it was asleep. I could still feel the painful contractions. So they came back in and injected a different med in my epidural. I again threw up from the pain. So, the anesthesiologist thought the catheter wasn't placed properly in my back. He took it out and put in a second one. Only this time he hit my spine! So, he had to remove that one and put in a third one. In the meantime I had thrown up a total of six times, and I never did go numb.

The doctor came in about 12:45 in the afternoon and broke my water. He stripped my membranes and started the pitocin. I was now five cm dilated. I still felt the contractions and was still sick to my stomach.

I finally reached 10 cm at 2:35 AM Wednesday morning. I started pushing, but my little baby was being stubborn and didn't want to come out. So, the doctor placed a suction cup on her head to pull her out. With one big push her head was out and the suction cup removed. All in all I pushed 11 times. And at 3:04 AM Wednesday, April 7, 1999, after 75 hours of labor, my little girl was born. At first my husband and I thought she was dead. She was so purple and limp. Once they suctioned out her mouth and nose she started to wail. You could feel the relief in the room. She was ok.

I had torn sideways and had to get four stitches. No one ever told me how bad it hurts to go to the bathroom after having a tear. Oh my! That hurt worse than giving birth. Like I said I never did go numb, I felt every inch of her come out. But it was well worth it. Katherine Rae (KatieBug) was 7 pounds 7 ounces and 20 inches long. I am now five months pregnant with our second baby. No epidurals this time!


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