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Tanya and Lexi
Vaginal delivery after three miscarriages/PCOS; back labor, police escort to the hospital, epidural & demerol

3:32 a.m. on October 6th. I remember jerking straight up with what was, finally, something I could call a real contraction. And boy was it ever!

Let's go back a little ways to when I found out I was pregnant. Lying in bed on a Saturday morning I started doing a little math. Earl still snoozing away, I jumped out of bed and rifled through the cabinet under the sink to find a wonderful little box that meant I didn't have to run down to the drugstore in my p.j.'s. The next thing I remember is running through the house blabbering "oh, my God...oh, my God" Earl doesn't know what I'm so excited about but he was soon informed. I was two weeks late, completely and wonderfully pregnant. We had had three miscarriages by this time so there was also a huge amount of fear that came with that little test. I have to say it's nice being surprised, I've spent a fortune on pregnancy tests, hence the one found under the sink. Our fears were soon eased when we heard her wonderful little heart beat and saw her beautiful little legs kicking on the monitor. This was a first for us out of all the pregnancies.

We continued with what was a blissfully, uneventful pregnancy. Nearing the end of my pregnancy I was having several indications that I was going to go into labor a little early, which I thought was wonderful! I was dilated to two and about 80% effaced and I still had two weeks to go. You can imagine our disappointment when I was a week late and going to the doctor to schedule an induction. So much for those early signs of labor! I came out of the doctor's office and got in my car when I felt this funny tingle down by my tailbone. Could it be? Naw, labor is only an old wives tale. It will never happen to me! That was my last thought before snuggling into the couch that night. That soft couch sure feels good when your tummy is taking up more than it's fair share.

I remember having it all planned out, my hair was going to be perfect, (there are a lot of pictures to be taken) makeup, the whole nine yards. When I stood up on the couch screaming at Earl, I didn't care if I went to the hospital naked. I thought the beginning of labor was supposed to be calm and kind of slow. Nothing like the TV makes it out to be, all the screaming and running around. Apparently I had taken all of that minor back pain for granted because now they were two minutes apart, excruciating, and there was plenty of screaming and running around. We still had a 45 minute drive ahead of us! Needless to say, we forgot everything that's supposed to go in that perfect little bag you so tediously pick out. We jumped in the car and hit the gas.

Now we're cruising along at about 80 mph, I'm over there with the seatbelt stretched out as far as it will go in front of me, cursing the Lamaze coach for saying I have the power to control this fire in my back. There's no one on the road because it's 3:40 in the morning. We get to the first stoplight at the edge of the town where our hospital is and Earl looks around, nobody around, so he runs the red light doing about 45mph. The cop swings a U-ey, flips on his lights, and Earl groans. But, he's got a goooooood excuse. Here comes the cop, shining his light in the car and I'm over there panting like a rabid dog, not using my seatbelt in the correct manner. We all just kind of laughed and he proceeded to give us an escort to the hospital. He called ahead and somewhere the wires got crossed because, when we got to the hospital, about five nurses come running out screaming "Don't push!! "Don't push!!" They had an incubator there and everything! Little did the cop know I wouldn't deliver for another ten hours. Oh well, no ticket, we're happy.

When they got me to my room they checked me and told me I was four cm. The nurse thought I was nuts when I expressed my distinct dismay about being only four cm. She thought I should be grateful! I had been three to four for two weeks and had actually been having contractions for 12 hours by then. I expected a little more progress! She then proceeded to tell me I wasn't really in labor because I wasn't having tummy contractions, they were all in my back. I tried to explain back labor to her but it took a change of nurses to let me stay. The nurse, I think, can make or break this whole labor thing, so get a good one! I never did feel a contraction in my tummy clear through the delivery. They broke my bag of waters at five cm and gave me my epidural. I don't want to scare anyone but the epidural didn't work for me. It probably did a little and may be why I never felt tummy contractions, but the back labor was intense and would not go away. I begged for more drugs so they gave me some Demerol, which made me all giggly, and tried to work on the epidural. I remember trying to act as sober as possible so they would give me more drugs. Though, something tells me they were on to me.

At around 1:00 I threw up all over creation and was told I was in transition. Yeeaahh! 2:00 came and it was time to push. That's when it turns into a three-ring circus and everyone comes into your room to take a peek at your side show under the tent, admission paid or not! I only remember pushing for about four times and there she was! 2:22p.m., 6lbs, 15oz...18 1/2"....Lexi Clara Willey. The most beautiful baby ever born! (Aren't they all?)

I had a little tear and a placenta to deliver but I was so out of it I don't remember much. I do remember the fire I felt when she crowned and a little fire from the stitches. I hate to say it but I don't even remember holding her for the first time. I've got pictures though and I hold her enough now to make up for it.

She's 2 1/2 now and we are trying for number two with little success. I've just been diagnosed with PCOS which accounts for the four miscarriages I've had now. A quick note to anyone out there with the following symptoms, don't let the doctors pass you off as a statistic. It's not normal to have two, three miscarriages in a row. I hate it when the doctors say you have to lose more babies before they will even look at you. (If you think about it, that's really what they're saying.) It is a horrible waste of time and precious life to wait for them to acknowledge you may have something going on besides mere coincidence. There are ways to help. You are paying them to work for you so tell them to test you. Some of the symptoms of PCOS are absence of periods, very heavy periods that last too long, unusual weight gain, acne, excessive hair growth in all the wrong places, miscarriages, and a few more. Do your own research because most doctors are not familiar enough with the disease. I'm posting this info here because I know how obsessed I was with pregnancy and delivery when I was having my miscarriages. These were my favorite types of sites. Thank you for listening to my story, I've sure enjoyed this site and all of the other stories.

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