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Jacqueline and Lily Annette
Epidural, Vaginal Birth, Less than Four Hours of Labor

I am from Texas but I was living in Orlando, FL with my boyfriend. He was in his last year of college and I moved there to be with him in January. We had been friends since high school and finally began dating when he came to Texas to visit for Christmas. I thought I wouldn't be seeing him for awhile but my heart wouldn't let me stay and I drove 16 hours to Florida to be with him a week after he left Texas. I was only 18 and he was 19 and I couldn't wait to hang out by the beach and sleep in everyday. We had no rules and no responsibility, and it was great. Well, then August rolled around and about two days after my 19th birthday I realized something was wrong. I was feeling weak and dizzy every time I stood up, I had terrible headaches and then I realized that I couldn't remember the last time I had my menstrual cycle. I couldn't believe I was even pondering the idea of being PREGNANT. I was terrified to say the least.

I didn't say anything to my Max that day but I couldn't sleep a wink all night and finally at about 5 am I told him I really needed a pregnancy test just to ease my mind. He rolled out of bed, and because he is such a sweetheart, he went to the Albertson's down the street and when he came back he had at least three different brands of tests. I laughed at him but was so thankful because I would just take a test and it would say negative and I would go back to bed until it was hot enough to go lay by the pool . . . WRONG! It was positive and I was speechless. I started crying out of joy, fear, excitement, and every other emotion you can think of. I went in to the bedroom and showed Max and he said "What do two lines mean?" and then he looked up and saw that I was crying and he knew what it meant, he cried too.

My parents talked me into moving back home during my pregnancy. They thought it would be better to be with them so that they could make sure I was eating right and taking care of myself, but now I see that it was because they didn't want to miss a moment. I moved back home on September 20th and I missed Max every day that I was gone, but I knew I was better off with my family and his. By the way, everyone in our families were really excited much to our surprise. They all felt that we were up for the challenge.

I had a relatively easy pregnancy besides the four months of morning sickness. I gained the ideal amount of weight, I ate healthy, and I drank lots of water, but I was always sad that Max couldn't be there to share it with me. We talked on the phone a million times everyday but it just wasn't the same. We saw each other twice while I was pregnant. He came home for Christmas and I flew to Florida in March; I had Lily in April so I guess I was pushing my luck but we made it just fine.

The last month of my pregnancy I was already dilated 1cm and 90% effaced so I thought it was going to happen any minute but it didn't. I walked and walked and walked some more, but nothing changed so I drank raspberry tea and I ate lots of pineapple, but still nothing changed. So, I went to my doctor's appointment two weeks before my due date which was May 5, and they told me just keep walking and have sex. Well, that wasn't going to happen because Max was in Florida, but by the end of the appointment I had talked my doctor into setting up an induction date because the baby was gaining close to a pound a week and I could hardly walk or sleep or anything really. They set it up for the following Monday at 5am. I was so excited but I still hoped it would happen on its own. It didn't. My aunt came down the night before my induction because she and my mother would be in the hospital room with me since Max couldn't be there. He graduated college the day our daughter was born, but no one was there to see him because they were in Texas at the hospital with me. My mother, my aunt, and I packed my bags and cried and talked about how excited we were. We painted each other's toe nails and just did anything to pass the time.

I finally went to sleep about 11pm and I actually slept really well considering how excited I was. The three of us woke the next morning around 4 and got ready to go. We were about 15 minutes late because the hospital was 30 minutes away. I went in and they immediately hooked me up to monitors and fluids. They started the pitocon about 6 am and nothing really eventful happened for awhile. There was no pain and I was pretty comfortable. The doctor came in around 9am and checked my cervix and I was about 3-4 cm, enough to break my water. That is when things got interesting. The contractions started immediately and they HURT. They were about 2 minutes apart from the very start and they only got worse from there. I had made up my mind when I talked to the doctor about my birth plan that I didn't want an epidural, but I changed my mind really soon after the contractions started. There were 2 women ahead of me in line for the epidural so I had to wait until about noon for my turn.

The anesthesiologist came in around that time and I was ready. At first only my right side went numb and I could still feel everything so I turned to lie on my left side and everything went numb very fast after that. As soon as I went completely numb and I mean that very instant, I knew I was about to have the baby. I felt a big shift like a bowling ball just slid into my pelvis. It didn't hurt because of the epidural but I knew it wasn't right. I called the nurse and she looked at me like I was crazy because I had just been 6 cm 10 minutes before but I just kept telling her, "I'm ready, I'm ready." She agreed to check me and I was right. I went from 6 cm to 10cm in 10 minutes so I was really excited. Everyone left the room except my mom and my aunt and a few nurses. The doctor came shortly after and told me I could start pushing. I started at 12:35 pm and she was born at 12:44pm. Three hours and 35 minutes of labor and 9 minutes of pushing. Not bad for a first baby.

When she was born and they laid her on my chest, it was the single most exciting and beautiful moment of my life. I only wished that Max would have been there but he was on the phone the entire time. She weighed 8 pounds 2 ounces and had a head full of hair. She was so beautiful and I love her more than anything in the world. Lily is 6 months old now and is trying to crawl and sit up. Max came home exactly 1 week after she was born and he hasn't left her side since. We are getting married this spring and I feel that I may have gotten a little more than a tan when I moved to Florida. Best decision I ever made.

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