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Amy and Madison
Eclampsia, Premature Birth (2 months early)

When I found out that I was going to have a baby, I was so excited. Then to make it even better, I was having a girl who was due January 18, 2006, the day before my birthday.

On November 21, 2005 I was not feeling very well. I was swollen so badly that I could not wear shoes or some of my clothes. I also had the most horrific headache imaginable and my stomach hurt really bad. I could not sleep and I was worried. I knew in the morning I had a doctor's appointment and I would take care of everything then. Well around 2am on the 22nd I decided to take me a hot shower because those have always helped with any headaches that I got. I was standing in the shower with my hands on my head, eyes closed, and water running over my head. It felt good. The next thing I knew I was waking up in the hospital being told I had a baby girl. What? I have a baby girl already? I must be dreaming, it's too early.

I had gotten Eclampsia. I did not even know what it was; my doctor had never told me anything about it. While I was taking my shower my blood pressure had spiked so high it caused me to go into seizures in the shower. My fiancÚ heard a loud thump and went to check on me. He found me laying at the bottom of the tub with blood coming out of my mouth. He was told if the baby was not delivered right then that we both would die.

I do not remember the birth of my little princess. I do remember hearing her cry when she was born; I opened my eyes and my fiancÚ told me it was my baby and I passed back out. When I awoke, I was in a dark room because the lights could have shocked me and caused another seizure. I had tubes in my arms for all the medication and whatever else they had coming and going from me.

Later that evening I was allowed to see my little one. When I saw her I cried. There were tubes and wires everywhere, her head was in under this plastic cube type thing, and she had what I called her sunglasses on over her eyes. They had to give her stuff to make her lungs develop. She weighed three pounds. The only things I could think of when I saw her was, "What have I done to my baby?" and "I am so sorry." After about a week in the hospital I was able to go home and my baby had to be transferred to Children's Mercy Hospital because she was not doing as good as she needed to be. Well after about a month total in the hospital she was able to come home. When she came home she weighed five pounds.

Madison is doing great. She has no problems at all. You would never be able to tell that she was born two months early, with the exception that she is just a tad on the smaller side, but not much. She is the world to me and I love her more than life itself. Madison is also going to have a baby brother.


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