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Rebecca and Madison
Vaginal delivery, pitocin

It was 3:00 AM and I was running for the bathroom again from my baby's head pressing on my bladder. I just happened to wake my husband. As I was relieving myself my husband walked into the bathroom waiting for me so he could take his turn. I had some blood when I wiped. As soon as I saw it, I got excited. Then I thought to myself, "it's probably the fourth time I'll go to the hospital and it will be nothing again." I didn't want that after two preterm labors and one false labor. So I went to bed to just lie there and wonder if it was the real thing until I drifted off to sleep.

That morning my cramping woke me up at 6:30 AM and I went to the bathroom to check things out. I had no spotting so I just pushed if off like it was just nothing again. Later that morning I called the doctor to let him know that I was having contractions two to three minutes apart. He asked me to come in at 10:00 AM so we could see what was going on. At the doctor's office, my husband and I had to wait until 11:00 AM to because he had and emergency to attend to over at the hospital. The nurse asked me if I wanted to wait or come back at a later time. I wanted to wait because the pain was getting worse. The doctor finally came in and put me on the monitors, checked my cervix, and said that I was now dilated to four centimeters. (The week before I was two centimeters.) He told me it was false labor. He said I could have my baby that night or even another day. He told me to go home and get some rest.

On the way home my husband and I stopped off at Ingles to do some shopping. In the middle of shopping I told my husband that I needed to go home to rest because I was cramping and my lower back ached. When we walked up to the check out lane I noticed the lady that taught the birthing classes that we attended just weeks before standing in front of us.

Home at last, I laid down for a little while. I washed dishes and picked things up around the house. I went up to take a warm shower. After the warm shower I went into the baby's room to sit in the rocker and called my parents who live an hour from me. I asked my Mom if she would come on up because I didn't feel too good. She was walking out the door when I called her back to let her know that I was headed for the ER.

My husband and I left about 3:15 PM. That was the longest 15 minute ride of my life. My contractions were still two to three minutes apart and were worse because of the warm shower. I was rolled up to the labor and delivery rooms and the nurse that we saw in Ingles that day was the nurse that would be helping delivering my baby. As soon as I saw her, I laughed out loud. She said that she knew I would be coming in soon because I looked like I was in pain while in Ingles. I was then dilated to six centimeters. I was staying until baby was born. I called my Mom on her cell to let her know that I was staying and I was in real labor this time. She was stuck in traffic because of a car wreck on the interstate. At about 4:30 PM I asked for the pitocin and when my Mom got there I requested the epidural. Twenty minutes later my Mom walked in and I was really sleepy because of the IV. I asked the nurse for the epidural. She checked my cervix and I was already eight centimeters. Needless to say, no epidural. I started to panic but I was really too tired to do anything but sleep between my two to three minute contractions. The doctor came in and broke my water and I swore that the medication that I had gotten was not working. I was in so much pain. My husband went back home to get his medication because he had poison oak from working outside two days beforehand.

He made it back to me right before all the action began. It was 6:15 PM and I felt the need to push. I started to push with each contraction. Some women say it feels better when they push. It hurt worse to push than it did to just breathe through the contractions. I was so scared and in pain. As I pushed it hurt so bad from the pressure and the contractions. I was in so much pain I wanted to stop pushing so I wasn't doing to best job that I knew I could do. I was so focused on what I had been fantasizing about for months: bringing this wonderful baby into the world. My mom was on my right side cheering me on and helping me hold my leg up while I pushed. On my left side there stood my best friend, Judy, doing the same while feeding me ice chips. My husband, on my right who stood by my side the whole nine months keeping me cool with a cold wash cloth. With as much pain as I had to bare I didn't scream or yell.

I prayed to the Lord to give me the strength and determination to bring my love into the world. As she crowned I reached down to feel her head. As soon as I felt that tiny head I pushed even harder. My Mom and friend, Judy were betting on what time the baby would be born. My Mom said 7:30 and Judy said 8:00. The nurse jumped in and said 7:10 PM. The doctor walked in to give me an episiotomy and I pushed one hard time and the baby's head popped out. Next to me, I heard my husband take a loud deep breath of amazement. He watched to whole thing. I pushed again. Half of her body was now out of my body. I looked down at her and saw my sweet baby girl that I have been waiting to see. I then pushed and pushed to let go of her. I heard her cry and it brought tears to mine. As I laid there I started to freeze from being sweaty and hot. I was shaking while the doctor gave me stitches. My Mom wanted to hold her but the doctor said that "Mom gets to hold her first." "Mom." That word sounded so great. That Monday, May 14, 2001, was the best day of my life. My relationship with my husband has gotten even stronger and more open than ever before. We don't know what we would do without each other. Being a young mother and wife brings such joy. I have never been happier. I thank the good lord above for Madison Charmin and my love and best friend Jason every day. For my first baby, 45 minutes of pushing is a very short time to push and the pain was almost tolerable.

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