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Maria's Story
as told by her father, Ron
Group B Strep, Induced With Pitocin, Vaginal Delivery (with cord around neck)

This is more than just a story to me. I don't know if anyone reading this believe in fate or not? I have always been blessed with the ability to see things in dreams before they happen. About one month before I found out my wife was pregnant, I had a dream about Maria. I was in a house that was unfamiliar to me. I was sitting in a chair reading, and I saw a little girl probably around 13 years old. She kept running past the doorway giggling. I stood up and walked over to where she was at, but she was playing hide and seek. Finally I gave up and went to the chair that I started in. She walked up to me and said, "Hi Daddy." I said, "I am not your father." She started to giggle again. I said, "Where am I"? She replied, "You're at my house." Then all of a sudden, a small girl that could barely walk came out from behind her. She was barely old enough to talk and said "Hi." I asked the older girl what her name was she replied, "Maria."

Needless to say when we went to the doctor and found out she was pregnant, I had chills run down my spine. You see, my wife and I had a miscarriage 13 years ago.

The birth was going pretty well; in the beginning you could say, textbook. We arrived at the hospital with contractions about four minutes apart. We went to the room and she was at four cm and 90% effaced. Things were going as planned. She was dilating and they gave her an epidural. They started penicillin because she had Group B Strep. We got through two bags of that and then they started the pitocin.

It was time to deliver 12 hours later. With every contraction, the heartbeat would drop. The doctor came in as the baby was crowning. She pushed for what seemed an eternity. Finally the head came out. Her epidural didn't take and only her right leg was numb. Man I felt for her. The doctor started to suction her head and noticed the cord was wrapped around the baby's neck two times. He couldn't get it off. He grabbed her neck and yanked her out, and then put his hand around the cord at the baby's stomach and broke the cord in half. Blood went everywhere. I was scared to death. The baby was dark grey, and he handed her to the nurses and the pediatrician. They had to suction out her lungs because she had meconium in them. After two or three minutes, she started crying and everything has been great ever since.

Maria Elizabeth
July 25, 1998
7 lbs, 12 oz; 22 inches
Proud parents: Ronald and Molly/font>


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