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Dawn and Matthew
Pre-Term Labor, Epidural, Vaginal Delivery with Forceps

We were due October 1. We had preterm labor since 24 weeks, and once I came off of the brethine at 36, weeks I started to dilate. Each week I had dilated more and thinned out more. At my 38 week check up, the doctor was concerned because my blood pressure had been starting to rise. I had been in on Tuesday the 17th and they wanted to see me again on Friday the 20th to recheck things.

Things for our family were very difficult at this time. During the eighth month, Mike's grandmother had been diagnosed with cancer and was only given a short time. We were both very close to her and being as she raised him, he wanted Matthew and her to meet. But God had other plans; one day they will but it wasn't for us to see. She passed away on Wednesday the 18th.

I went back in on Friday before the funeral to find out that my blood pressure was still high, that I was at 3cm, 80% effaced, 0 station, with bulging bag of waters. After the funeral we were scheduled for a non-stress test which we passed. Our orders were if you do not have the baby over the weekend, we will see you Monday to admit you.

Sunday had been a hard day for me. Mike and his best friend chose this day to clean all the cars. I had an old friend from school drop by but was very antsy and couldn't sit still for anything. I really didn't notice any difference in the contractions. But about 3pm I thought I was leaking fluid so off we went to be checked. We were admitted, found out I was leaking and having contractions about 4-5 minutes apart. I lasted until about 7:30 without the epidural, and I requested it just in time. When they checked after it had been started, I went from 6.5 to 8cm in about 5 minutes. Around 8:30 we were at 10 cm, 100% effaced and ready to push. But being the first time with a full epidural, I didn't feel like we were getting anywhere. As it would be, his heart rate started to drop and we chose to use forceps. At 10:10pm Matthew Lane was born.

Matthew's Apgars were 9 and 9. He weighed 6 lbs. 13 oz, 19.5 inches. He lost weight down to 6 lbs 5oz at discharge but now he is a rowdy 2.5 year old who loves his little brother.


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