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Amy and Megan
Vaginal Birth, Epidural

I was 36 and pregnant with our first child. My husband was in the Navy and stationed in Virginia. I was in Wisconsin since that is where my job and family were. My due date was Dec 10th and Mark was scheduled to be home for holiday leave on Dec 1st . My doctor scheduled me for an ultrasound to check the baby and estimate a size on Monday the 27th . As the tech was doing his thing I asked if this could create me to go into labor and he said no, as long as I hadn't lost my plug. I then told him that I had over the weekend and that my husband wasn't home until Friday. So, he was much gentler after that.

That evening, while visiting with some friends, I felt a small gush of water and figured that my water either broke or I couldn't control my bladder. But I said nothing because I didn't want to have my baby for a few more days. I went to bed and figured that if it was indeed my water, I would wake up with contractions or wet. Well, none of that happened. I went to work that day and just felt that I had not as much control over my bladder (but no accidents). No worry because I had a doctor appointment that afternoon. Well, once I got to the appointment and in to see the doctor, she asked me about it before I could tell her. She tested and yes, I was slowly leaking amniotic fluid. Amidst my tears, she confirmed that yes, I had to go to the hospital.

After calling my husband and apologizing for not waiting for him, calling my other two basketball coaches to inform them of my absence at that night's game, I then called my mother and twin sister to meet me at the hospital for they were my coaches. I got upstairs to the maternity unit at 4:30pm and was shown to a room. After the first nurse left, I called my husband, crying and apologizing once again. I hung up once I sensed a nurse in the room. Looking up, I saw Judy, a woman that I grew up with, showing sheep years ago. What a pleasant sight to have someone I knew with me at the time. I told her why I was upset about having my baby. She started to cry with me. My mother and sister arrived just after 5pm and the nurse said that I could begin walking the hallways since I wasn't having any contractions. Oh, by the way, I played dumb and told the doctor that I didn't know when the first "bladder control problem" occurred so she had no idea that my water had broken 20 hours prior. She thought it was more like 12 hours. So, after walking (or should I say almost running) the hallways for 10 minutes, I had to rest my feet. I never thought to pack tennis shoes so my feet were killing me from walking barefoot. A few minutes later, I started walking again.

At 5:30 the nurse found us in the hallway and suggested that I go back to the room to rest a little. She said that the doctor wanted me to be in bed because it was going to be a very long night and I should rest. They started me on antibiotics since I didn't know how long my water had broken. So, I was in bed, watching TV and waiting. Evening came and the contractions started but they were minimal. My hunger pains, since I hadn't eaten since 11am, were worse than the contractions. Nonetheless, we waited and waited and waited. I played my favorite cd over and over and tried to sleep.

At 11:30, they suggested Nubane but I didn't want to. My sister insisted and so I said yes. She has 3 children so I figured she knew what she was talking about. That took care of the pain but it made me dream so badly. I refused another dose an hour later. They then wanted to give me an epidural which I figured that they thought I was a wimp but they said that since it was 1am, and the guy was on the floor for two other women, if I didn't do it now, I may not get it when I really needed it. So, I agreed. Took him 4 tries to successfully do it - one try I kicked my sister in the shin from the shooting pain in my leg. Finally, it was on board and if it wasn't for the blood pressure cuff inflating every 15 minutes, I might have slept. But I rested.

Well, evening turned into early morning. My husband called every few hours to check up on me. I knew he couldn't call every hour because he was actually on the ship just off the coast of North Carolina. He called at 5am to say that they had big drills scheduled and wouldn't be able to call for another 3 hours. Oh well I thought. Then my mother left at 6:00am to go to my sister's house to get her 3 boys to school. When we had the discussion earlier in the evening, I didn't ask why their other grandmother couldn't do it, even though it crossed my mind. Anyway, mom left and Lisa finally ordered herself some breakfast. Just because I couldn't eat didn't mean that she couldn't eat either. Well, I patiently waited for the phone to ring as it neared 8 am. I could see that I was having larger contractions but felt nothing.

Pretty soon it was 8:30. No call. No mother. The nurse that morning was Judy once again. I was very happy knowing that she would be there to help deliver my baby. She even predicted that I would have it around 11am. Now I was starting to get worried that mom wasn't going to be back in time and was going to miss it all. She was showering. That amazed me but whatever. 9:00, no call, no mom. Judy was starting to be present quite frequently now. I could see that my contractions were getting intense but still felt nothing.

Finally, just after 10am, the curtain moved and I expected to see mom. It was my husband, followed by my mother, and ALL the nurses on the floor. Everyone but me knew that he managed to get off the ship the night before and back to Norfolk in time for an early morning flight home. Thus the reason they put me in bed. My doctor was awesome in allowing this. So, now that everyone was present, they told me to start pushing. At 11am, Judy called the doctor to see if she wanted to deliver. The doctor walked in, gowned and gloved.

Megan was born at 11:11am and was 6 pounds 9 oz . The doctor had her staff in tears later in the morning when she returned to her office and told them that Mark had indeed made it in time.


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