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Debbie and Meghan
Infertility for 10 years, unexpected pregnancy, induced labor and c-section

Meghan took a long time to arrive - we'd been waiting for her for ten years! But she was also a week late, and it was the hottest summer on record. By the time I went in for my OB check on August 17, I really was so ready to not be pregnant. I was just a fingertip dilated and the cervix was very soft, but the baby really hadn't dropped and seemed to be in no particular hurry. The week before I'd had some bloody show and lost my mucous plug.

When the doctor suggested some concern about the amount of fluid and the condition of the placenta, and suggested inducing, we both said okay. Didn't realize he meant that night! But we were ready. I went home, showered, packed up a few things, called my mom to let her know and was ready to go to the hospital when my husband arrived.

We checked in around 4:30 and the doctor arrived at 5:30 to insert Cervidil - a gel that would prepare the cervix. The doctor said that the cervidil might start contractions, and they put me on a monitor to measure the contractions and track the heart rate.

I started having some contractions around 7 p.m., but they were still fairly irregular. By 9 p.m. I told my husband to go ahead and go home so we could both sleep well and be rested. The doctor had said he'd be by around 6:30 a.m. to check me and start the pitocin.

So, DH left and about an hour later, the contractions were getting really hard, and coming in twos. The nurse suggested that they could go on all night like that, that I was still on a fingertip dilated, and I was going to really need to be as rested as possible for the next morning. She thought I should take some pain meds that would help me sleep.

I agreed, and they really helped. I slept until about 5 a.m., and when the doctor checked me, I was to 2 cm. My husband was late arriving (was he in trouble!) and walked in as they were starting the IV for the Pit. Then things started really moving.

By 10 a.m., I had made it to 4 cm, and was feeling pretty good. The contractions were hard and fast, and they came in threes, with little time to breath between, but still manageable. They thought I'd have the baby by 5 PM. At noon, all progress had stopped even though the contractions were harder and not as easy to manage. I was having terrible back labor. I had thought I'd move around a lot while in labor, but the monitors and IV's made it difficult. It was a busy day at the Birth Center and so we were pretty much on our own most of the time. By 12:30, the doctor came by and broke my water to speed things along. I hadn't wanted an epidural, but I did ask for some pain meds.

By dinner time, still no change. I was stuck at around 4 cm., and the baby's head seemed off to the side. The contractions were constant by then. My husband hadn't eaten all day so I told him to go eat something. While he was gone, the baby's heartrate dropped and I was suddenly on my side breathing oxygen. He came back 15 minutes later and I tried to tell him everything was okay before he got really worried.

They gave me an epidural around 9 to see if it would help me relax. Unfortunately, the epidural didn't take and so it didn't impact the pain at all. My husband was ready for a c-section at noon, so when the doctor suggested one around 10:30 that night (after 27 hours of contractions) we were both ready.

They prepped me, drew blood, and did some other things that I don't even remember - I was so wrung out. As soon as they stopped the pit, the contractions slowed. When I got to the OR, the anesthesiologist tried to up my epidural to see if it could work. I felt a strange sensation and he pulled the epidural because I had a bad reaction to it. I was given a spinal instead, and the sensation was so strange.

The only thing I felt during the surgery was when they pushed really hard against me - and I couldn't breathe. Then Meghan was born! She weighed in at 9 lbs. 9.5 oz., and was 21 inches long. A big girl! She was beautiful. Because I was so worn out, I didn't really get a good look at her until the next morning. In spite of all we went through, I felt great. I was up walking the next day, showered and was really feeling strong the second day after the surgery.

Now we have a beautiful little girl who laughs, smiles and, as my husband says, is as sweet and sticky as Tupelo honey. :)

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