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Mandy and her daughter Mia
Attempted VBAC, Uterine Rupture, C-Section Delivery

I recently attempted a vbac with my daughter. I was a great candidate: one c-section due to breech baby, healthy, low transverse scar, placenta and baby in great position. I was 29 years old and had an extremely positive and supportive doctor who was well-known for vbac deliveries.

My doctor came to check me thinking I was almost fully dilated when she noticed the drop on the fetal monitor. An emergency c-section took place. Thank GOD!! My daughter was expelled into the abdomen for 16 minutes. The experience was CRAZY and SCARY. People running and shouting. My husband could not come in the OR. They wanted to put me to sleep which thankfully didn't work. We both made it out okay by the grace of God. Neither of us had any blood loss, my rupture was at my old scar so I didn't need a hysterectomy, my placenta stayed in the uterus acting still as her source of life; our beautiful daughter was totally okay.

Would I try again? Probably not. I have read so many stories of people attempting a vbac who made it out alive but without their uterus, or the babies did not make it but mother did, and where there were crazy complications. I feel my story is even rare in that we didn't have more complications.

I ask myself now if it was all worth it even with the small risk which I didn't think I'd be. Is it really worth it? My daughter is healthy thankfully. But I read stories where the baby wasn't due to lack of oxygen and they are now dealing with disabilities who wouldn't have had to other wise. I'm grateful my choice for a vbac didn't affect us worse than it did. Others aren't so fortunate. I've also met lots of people who had successful vbacs and I thought I would be one. I understand not wanting the recovery and the risk being low. I understand not wanting another major surgery if vaginal delivery is an option. You just have no way of knowing if you are going to rupture until you do. And hopefully you are as fortunate to have small complications with the uterine rupture and doctors and staff like I did who moved quickly. It's just so hard to know.

My delivery ended in a c-section anyway and I couldn't have been happier at that point. I was 40 weeks, and Mia was born 8 pounds 7 ounces on August 14, 2009.


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