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Kelly and Mikayla
Vaginal delivery with episiotomy, no epidural

After having a miscarriage in July, 1999 on my husband Tim's birthday, we quickly decided to start trying to conceive again. When I went in for a two week check up after my D&C the doctor gave me the "thumbs up." He explained that he puts no restrictions on his patients and as soon as we felt emotionally and physically ready we could try again. Well, we decided not to wait and started right away. From August to February we tried to conceive but with no success. March came and I realized that if I got pregnant I would have a December baby and I did not want a December baby. I told Tim that we would wait a month and start again. Wouldn't you know it, I got pregnant and had a December 2 due date.

The pregnancy was a lot different than that of my son, Seth's two years before. He was a very calm baby in the womb and this one was nonstop action! I also had horrible heartburn and bought TUMS in bulk. I had to keep a bottle next to the bed, in the living room, in the car and in the diaper bag so that I made sure I always had some with me! I was sure I was having a girl but we decided to be surprised.

I was very nervous about doing much activity and was concerned about traveling, as my miscarriage started on the way home from a trip to North Carolina. For the first five months of my pregnancy I did not have health insurance so never had any prenatal care. When Tim's insurance finally went into affect I couldn't find a doctor who would take me. I had recently moved so needed to find a new OB anyway and although I had been on multivitamins and extra calcium and iron-folic I was considered high risk because of not having prenatal care. I was a wreck! After I was rejected by four different doctors I finally called a friend of my parents who is an OB/GYN. He agreed to see me, which was strange at first since I knew him so well, but it turned out to be a great patient-doctor relationship.

I was putting on weight quicker than my doctor had wanted and when he tested my sugar he said I was a borderline gestational diabetic. I was put on a diabetic diet and immediately lost four pounds! It was wonderful! My weight gain slowed down and I gained a total of 37, I believe.

Skip forward to December 2, my due date. Nothing happened. This was so different because my son was born right on his due date and I was SURE this one was going to be early. Now I was certain it was a girl! Everyone told me they thought it was a girl, except for Tim's grandma. She said it was a boy and she had never been wrong before.

On December 7 I woke up feeling a little crampy but didn't think much of it. I had been telling Tim for a week that I was having contractions and saying "I think this might be the day" and nothing would happen. I got a shower and then went down and put laundry in the dryer and wasn't really feeling much in the way of contractions. I bent down to throw in the rest of the clothes and my water broke at 9:30 am. Immediately I was in labor and the contractions were getting stronger as the minutes went by. We quickly got Seth in the car and took off for the hospital. When the doctor came to check me I was already at six to seven, and it had only been about 45 minutes since my water broke. I was so determined that I was going to have an epidural but was told that with as fast as I was going that they could never get the anesthesiologist down there in time. I would have the baby before that.

My mom and sister were supposed to be in the delivery room with me and my dad was supposed to keep Seth in the waiting room. Well, I was progressing too fast and my family was taking their time getting to the hospital thinking it would be at least 4 hours or more. Seth ended up being in the room with me throughout my labor right up until it was time to push, when my family finally showed up. I actually liked having him there because it helped keep me calm; I didn't want him to see me crying and screaming. After each contraction he would ask if he could get on the bed and would rub my legs and say "Mommy, you ok?" He was so sweet!

At 11:15 I was saying that I needed to push. The doctor came back and sure enough I was ready. I was still in the triage and there were no LDRP rooms available so they rushed me down to a cesarean room where I would deliver. My doctor had been called and he came running down the hallway. He almost missed it! He literally got in the room just in time to give me an episiotomy and catch my new baby girl, Mikayla. When she was being delivered the cord was wrapped around her neck. She wasn't immediately put on my stomach and Tim wasn't allowed to cut the cord because initially she wasn't breathing so they rushed her off to the side to make sure they could get her revived. As soon as they started rubbing her she took her breath of life and was fine. Her APGARs were eight and nine. The doctor said that it was a good thing my labor was so short (two hours exact) because had it been long we may have had a lot of complications.

My mom and sister both made it to the delivery room just as they were handing her to the nurses so they missed it. Mikayla RaeAnne weighed eight pounds, four ounces, and was 20 inches long and had a full head of dark brown hair. All I could say was "I knew it was a girl... I knew it was a girl!"

Mikayla is now 10 weeks old as I'm writing this and what a blessing she is! Seth has done wonderful with her and loves her. He is usually so careful with her. Daddy immediately fell in love with her and she has been his little girl since the beginning. I honestly don't remember any of the labor and delivery pains. (Although I can tell you every second of Seth's cause it was so traumatic-but that's a story for another day!)

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