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Sherry and Nathan
Demerol, Epidural, Pitocin, Vaginal Delivery, Episiotomy

When I went for my weekly checkup with our GP at 37 weeks, he examined me and told me that there was quite a few days left until the baby would decide to show up, even though I had lost my 'mucous plug' the day before. I was really disappointed, not only because I was very tired of being pregnant, but also because I had dreamt that the baby would be born on October 27th, and it was the 25th.

We went home, and upon the advice of my mom, I took some castor oil (YUCK). Later that evening, I started feeling odd, but decided that it was the stupid castor oil making me sick. I didn't sleep all night, because of the 'odd feeling'. By the next afternoon, I was pretty sure I was having contractions, and kept writing down how long they were and how long in between. By 3:30 the next morning (The 27th of October) I was pretty uncomfortable and scared. My husband and I were trying to watch 'Gone with the Wind', but I couldn't concentrate. We called the hospital, and they said to come on in and they'd check me out.

When we got to the hospital, I explained how I was feeling to the nurse on duty. I was making jokes and laughing, so the nurse said, "Listen honey, there's no way you're in labour if you're this cheerful, but I'll check you." Imagine her surprise when she realized that I was 3 cm dilated! We walked up and down the halls, trying to hurry things up a little, pausing to call our families, who both lived about two hours away. I spent the morning calling everyone I could think of and telling them I was in labour. They were very surprised to hear from me, but I was bored. Labour is a fairly long process, you know!

Later on, they gave me some Demerol for the pain (the injection hurt worse than the contractions!) and when our GP finally showed up, he examined me, broke my water, and said he'd come back later. By this point, my whole family had arrived, and kept me company in the labour room.

When the doctor came back that afternoon, he asked me when I had last slept. I said 2 days ago. He suggested that I have an epidural and sleep. He also asked me if the 20 people in the waiting room were with me. I decided to have an epidural, even though I had been deathly afraid of a needle in my back. The anesthesiologist came, put the needle in my back, was just about to freeze it, when a 'Code blue' was announced. "I have to go," he said. "Hang tight." What else was I going to do? I was bent over a table with a needle in my back. If I didn't 'hang tight' I could be paralyzed! After a half hour, the anesthesiologist came back and finished it off. At this point, I was 4 cm so they started a pitocin drip.

I slept for half an hour with the fetal monitor bumping and beeping next to me, when suddenly a nurse came charging in to examine me. "You're 10 cm!" But, I was having a nap! What happened to that? She called our GP, and after waiting an hour or so for the epidural to wear off (couldn't feel my legs) I started pushing. Wow, that's pretty hard work. For a long time, (about 15 minutes) it felt like I was making absolutely no progress. I was getting pretty tired, and frustrated, when BOOM! Out came the head. The doctor decided to give me an episiotomy, but I tore anyhow. Finally, the baby was here. He was placed on my chest, and I started sobbing until "Oh God, I'm going to throw up!." Everyone ignored me! Finally, someone at least took the baby so I didn't vomit on him! (Just on myself, and my husband.)

They weighed the baby (10 lbs 4 oz! I felt like Wonder Woman!) and stitched me for 45 minutes. Our GP even had to call in another surgeon to help him put me back together. But, I wasn't noticing. I was too busy staring at my beautiful, healthy son. Nathan's 4 months now, and hopefully, his next birthday won't be such hard work!!!! (Or require as many stitches!)


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