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Antionette and Nathaniel
Vaginal Delivery Without Medication

I was 21 when I got pregnant and my husband and I were very excited. I was nervous due to the fact I had been in a bad car accident as a teenager and was concerned about back pain. I was also concerned about possible bedrest for the majority of my pregnancy. Nothing could be farther than the truth. I had a wonderful pregnancy. No problems at all which amazed me. I got everything ready without a hitch. And here is the flawless birthing story I like to share with anyone and everyone who will listen.

About 3 days before my son's birthday I went into labor. It was 4:30 am and I was awakened with contractions. I woke my husband up and we monitored them as we were told especially with first timers. I was 5 minutes apart and lasted about 30 seconds. I thought that was pretty good however when I called the hospital they told me to not rush but take a shower and come in when I was ready. I was surprised but did exactly as she had said. I think we arrived at the hospital around 6:00.

No sooner than we arrived did my contractions stop. I was dilated at 3 and fully effaced. We got to do the walking thing. I'm sure a lot of women have done this routine. They told us to come back around 7:30. They checked me again and I was still dilated at 3 and no contractions to think of. Surprise surprise. So my OB gave me something to sleep and something for the little back pain I had and sent me home. He left me with words of encouragement that he was sure to see me that evening. And to reschedule my appointment (that was later that day) to Wednesday. I went home doped up and fell asleep for several hours. I had to have my husband practically carry me to bed.

I knew I wouldn't be going in that evening. Wednesday came and I went to my appointment with the results of 3 1/2 cm. Well, some progression is better than none. He did some stretching or something while he was checking my cervix and sent me home. The nurse told me she didn't think that she'd be seeing me the following week. I, of course, told her she'd be eating those words the following week. So I went home saddened that nothing really had changed and I had to continue with the waiting game.

When my husband came home from work I notified him of what was going on and that we were going to go somewhere and do some serious walking. So, we chose our store of choice Wal-Mart. That store is so big you can spend hours in it. And that's exactly what we did. I had some bad contractions that almost brought me to the ground. But I kept telling my husband that I was not ready to go yet. They weren't strong enough and I still had my water so I would let him know when it got too bad.

Well, about 2 hours of walking was all I could do. I was ready to go. We had a 20 minute drive to home and another 5-10 to the hospital if needed. So we purchased a few items for the baby and myself and left the store. Here's where it becomes amusing. My husband opened my little Geo Metro door and helped me in. As he was walking around the back of the car I decided to lean forward to reach my water bottle. What happens? My water completely breaks right in the car. I'm not talking a little either. I heard the pop sound and it felt like a water balloon had broken between my legs. I've never laughed so hard in my life.

My husband automatically thought I had just leaked some urine which we all know happens from time to time. I explained to him that I still had to go the bathroom and do you think that my bladder can hold this much? And I lifted up off the seat and he was kind of shocked. Needless to say it was time to go to the hospital. My contractions were 5 minutes apart but doubled up for 30 seconds each. It hurt a little but bearable. We stopped at home and picked up the few things I had taken out of my hospital bag and off we went to the hospital.

By the time we made it to the hospital the contractions were not allowing me to walk too well. We walked into ER and luckily could skip checking in. They asked if I wanted a wheelchair but I passed. I knew the more I walked the faster it would go.

When I got to the maternity ward they all knew me by name. I had been the typical worried mom to be and had been there several times with false alarms. Being a preemie myself I was afraid. They asked if this was the real thing and I explained that my water broke and my contractions were close together. They said, "Let's get you settled in then."

We went to the room. I remember that much and they checked me. I was still 3 1/2 cm but ready with contractions that were progressive. After that it becomes a blur. I remember pacing the room and refusing to be on the monitors and going to the bathroom a lot. I had a lot of back labor but my labor only lasted three hours after I was at the hospital. I was allotted enough time to be checked twice the whole time I was there. I decided to go to the bathroom one last time at my husband's insistence not to, and I refused to listen. So he went and got a nurse. The nurse came into the bathroom and told me to get my "ass" off the toilet so I could be checked. At her defense she asked nicely a couple times, and I said I just had to go to the bathroom. After she was so rude, I listened and got up. I was dilated at 10 and ready to push. Luckily I didn't have him in the toilet!!!

I pushed and pushed and honestly I have no clue for how long. I remember that the head crowning didn't burn like I had been told so many times by other people. I had a small cut and that was it. My baby was put on my tummy and very slippery. It scared me. And I had bulged my eyes so badly I saw blurry until the following morning.

My son is now three, and I'm due for my next baby in March. I'm excited to see how the next one goes.

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