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Aarti and Saakshi
Pre-Term Labor, Vaginal Birth with epidural, episiotomy, tearing and 35 stitches

I found out that I was pregnant with our first child 4 days after I missed my period. We were ecstatic, scared, nervous and hopeful, all at the same time! We'd been married 6 months and were very ready for this baby. I had the textbook 3 months of nausea and fatigue. I remember sleeping almost the entire first trimester away!

The second trimester was a breeze, I was energetic, happy and showing! But around the 20th week, I felt strange; there was a band tightening around my abdomen and I felt pelvic pressure. Turned out that I was in premature labor. I was then introduced to the world of Terbutaline, Magnesium and bedrest until delivery. I did all my baby shopping in one whirlwind tour of the local baby superstore and set up the nursery so we'd be ready for our baby. I spent the next 17 weeks in bed, sometimes feeling blue and most other times keeping my spirits up with music, TV, books and magazines. Sadly, we'd moved to a new city where we knew no one, and had no family in the country either, so that was hard, trying to cope just the two of us.

By the 37th week, I knew something was up, my contractions were no longer semi-controlled by the medication and finally, one morning I lost my mucus plug and was asked to go to the hospital. I got sent home since I was only at 3 cm. I had a long bath, and slept until the contractions got so bad, I was biting my lips and crying out. I called the hospital and by the sound of my breathing, the nurse on the phone knew it was time for me to come in! By then I was at 7 cm and progressing well.

When I couldn't handle the pain anymore, I asked for an epidural. I don't know whether the anesthesiologist was a rookie or it just wasn't my day, but the epidural failed 3 times, and by then I was bleeding pretty heavily at the site of the injection. I still felt my contractions, but they were bearable. The nurse broke my bag of waters at 7 cm, and that really sped things up.

At one point, I said, " I have to push" and the nurses quickly checked me, and the OB gave me the signal to start pushing. I was doing great, until the OB did an unwanted episiotomy just at the time I was pushing really hard, and I proceeded to tear and hemorrhage all the way to my rectum, as she didn't warn me not to push at that moment. I tore up to the 3rd degree from my perineum, vagina to the rectum and just bled all over the place. My baby girl came shooting out of me like a cannon, in one shot and plopped into the surprised OB's arms.

I fell in love with my precious baby in that first instant when our eyes met, and it was like we'd been waiting all our lives to meet. They took Saakshi away to clean her up while I got stitched up. I ended up with about 35 stitches. It took me well over 3 months to sit or go to the bathroom with ease. It was a really horrific delivery, and it was 5 years before my husband or I could contemplate having a second baby. Well, we finally took that leap, and I'm now 14 weeks pregnant with our second baby!


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