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Sheryl and Shaun
Homebirth after hospital birth with first baby

I had a very normal pregnancy, and we were delighted to discover at the 18 week scan that 2 1/2 year old Dylan was to get a brother. On the morning of my due date, I woke knowing something was happening so after my fast first experience (at the hospital), we got organised, and I phoned the midwife to let her know and my younger sister who was to join us as well. But by 9 am nothing more was happening so I sent my husband off to work with his pager and spent the morning with my sister feeling like a fraud!

By lunchtime I was getting impatient for something to start happening (especially with dh David phoning every half hour to see if he should come home!) so off we went for a walk around the block. This seemed to work and by 3 pm the contractions were still mild but 10 minutes apart. David was called home and by 5 pm the contractions were getting stronger and closer.

Around this time my midwife phoned to see what was happening and to ask if we needed her or if she could go to her night class, and I said I didn't think that was a good idea and within 10 minutes was back on the phone telling her maybe she should come over but not to rush as my waters hadn't gone yet. She said sometimes they don't go till the end and that she would come straight away.

By the time she arrived at 5:30, I was in transition and by the time she had set up I was ready to push. I had been walking around the house and rocking and swaying through the contractions but moved to the bedroom when I started to feel I wanted to push. We had decided on a hands and knees position to try and avoid another tear, and I breathed my way through the contractions giving only a few gentle pushes (I'd read it was 80% contraction 20% mothers effort anyway!) David and the midwife were laughing and joking and telling me how well I was doing, and I was thinking this is just way too normal!

My waters leaked with each contraction and at 6:20 pm, Shaun David James was born on our bedroom floor weighing 8 lbs, 10 oz. He was greeted by two delighted parents, my very happy and emotional sister (who'd had to stand in for the second midwife who hadn't arrived in time, etc) and very soon after a very excited older brother who'd been at McDonald's for dinner with his Uncle! As soon as the placenta was delivered, I climbed into our bed and gave Shaun his first feed. Everything felt so normal, and it was great to be in my own environment and be able to do what I wanted.

Soon the rest of our families arrived to meet the new arrival and after I had a shower and a change of clothes, we ordered takeaways for tea (fish and chips) which really tastes great after all the hard work! A few hours later all our families went home, and we all went to bed! With no tear (yippee!), I was up and about in no time. It was great to be surrounded by my family and friends from day one but best of all was sleeping in my very own comfy bed!


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