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Twins & More Birth Stories

Aidhan's Birth
Premature c-section birth at 30 weeks gestation due to maternal complications - Pre-eclampsia, Cholecystitis, & HELLP Syndrome
as told by mom Eireann

Alex's Birth
Premature Delivery via C-Section at 29 Weeks
as told by dad Jeff Stimpson

Bailey Joseph & Bradley Dakota
Twins, premature at 32 weeks, one vaginal birth, one emergency C-Section
as told by mom Mindy Carpenter

Charles' Birth
Gestational Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Pre-Term Labor, Preemie Delivery at 32 weeks
as told by mom Cynthia Beck

Crystal & Amber's Births
Twins, C-section at 35 weeks after a complicated pregnancy due to mother's high blood pressure, gestational diabetes and mild stroke. One baby has a heart problem discovered during pregnancy.
as told by mom Jamie

Ethan's & Alexander's Births
Two baby boys, nine months and three weeks apart, both C-Sections, pre-eclampsia and HELLP Syndrome, premature babies
as told by mom Allison Coatney

Hannah Sue's Birth
Hospital bedrest due to premature rupture of the membranes, hospital bedrest, cord prolapse and emergency c-section at 27 weeks
as told by mom Lori

Jacobb's and Joseph's Births
Two premature sons, Jacobb at 34 weeks (PIH) and Joseph at 31 weeks (PROM and 10 weeks on hospital bedrest)
as told by mom Rosann Juska

James Andrew "Drew's" Birth
Vaginal delivery, epidural, high risk
as told by mom Kari

Jenna's Birth
Ante-partum hospitalization, pre-term labor, emergency c-section
as told by mom Michele Pierce

Katie's Birth
Pregnancy After Infertility, Epidural, 5 Hour Labor, Vaginal Delivery
as told by mom Elaine Menard

Madison's Birth
Eclampsia, Premature Emergency Birth (2 months early)
as told by mom Amy

Melissa's Birth
Pregnancy After Loss and Infertility, C-Section Birth
as told by mom Debbie

Nicholas' Birth
High Risk Pregnancy, Pre-Term Labor, Epidural, Vaginal Delivery
as told by mom Cindy

Shaun William's Birth
Pregnancy After Infertility, Unmedicated Vaginal Delivery
as told by mom Pauline Towne

Tal Amit's Birth
Delivery in car on the way to the hospital
as told by mom Karen

Tristan's Birth
Overdue (41 weeks, 4 days), Induction, Placenta Abruptio, Forceps Delivery
as told by mom Susan

Vivienne's Birth
Pregnancy after miscarriage, pre-term labor, bedrest, epidural, pitocin, vaginal delivery at 39 weeks
as told by mom Pamala

William Andrew
Planned unassisted homebirth after four previous cesareans, turned planned c-section due to placenta accreta. Surgeons discover placenta percreta and an undetected uterine rupture during Cesarean.
as told by mom Elphie

Zachary's Birth
A Successful Pregnancy After Loss ~ Placenta Previa ~ Induced With Pitocin, Epidural, Vaginal Delivery
as told by mom Shelbie


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