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Susan and her son Tristan
Overdue (41 weeks, 4 days), Induction, Placenta Abruptio, Forceps Delivery

I stopped working on May 2nd and the contractions began on May 6th. Off and on sometimes not intense enough to go to the hospital and other times intense but not close enough together. We were sure that I was going to have the baby by Mother's Day (May 12th) but that day had come and gone and we were now at 41 weeks + 4 days. An induction was planned for next week (June 7th) but the last night was different although I can't explain how.

On the morning of June 3rd, when I woke up and went to the bathroom ready for another long day of waiting for this baby who just doesn't want to come out, I noticed blood on the toilet paper. my heart stopped. I stood up and ran to our bedroom where my husband was sleeping: "I'm bleeding" I cried out. "I'm up" he responded as he jolted out of bed. He dressed and packed the car while I phoned the hospital to let them know the situation and that we were on our way. I didn't know how much blood was there. I didn't want to know. I just got dressed and ready to leave.

After an eventful car ride to the hospital (the emergency entrance was blocked by a crane and the other parking lots where turning cars away because they were full), we eventually made it to the birthing center. They immediately got me changed into a gown and hooked up a monitor. Baby seemed fine. They did an emergency ultrasound and decided the amniotic fluid index was not satisfactory for me to go home. They decided to induce. I was transferred to the antenatal unit where they inserted the medicine for induction via a tampon that fits just behind the cervix. I was told that it could take up to twelve hours to take effect for a first baby but I was hyper-contracting within an hour and on my way back to the birthing center. By this time, the contractions were very intense and I let everyone who would listen know that I wanted an epidural. I was told that the contractions where not strong enough. "That's okay, I'm fine for now but I just want to be on the list because when the time comes, I don't want to have to wait" I replied.

The contractions were strong and the pain was what I would describe as "scary pain". I would not let husband leave my side, not for a second. Eventually I asked him to massage anywhere except where I felt pain as I needed to focus away from the pain.

I finally got my epidural, and to my surprise, I never even felt it go in. At that point, I was able to relax. I told my husband that he could now unpack the car. and have dinner. and go visit our Childbirth Preparation Instructor and say "hello" as this was the night that she teaches in our hospital. No worries.

I was in labor for another 15 hours. During this time, the baby's heart rate dropped with every contraction and then went back to normal. However, if I lay on my back, the baby was fine. So they decided to lay me on my back and wait.

Eventually came the time to push. The baby was crowning and then the bleeding came. lots of it from what I am told and then the baby went into distress. Before I knew it, I was being introduced to the Chief Intern of Obstetric Surgery, a Pediatrician, and several other specialists. The room was getting quite crowded and I knew that this was not a good sign.

After some pushing, my doctor told me that he had to use forceps. I pleaded with him not to use forceps. "I'll push harder", I insisted. His response was that I did not have time to push. The placenta had detached and the baby was in distress. I needed at least 45 minutes to push that baby out but the baby would probably not survive 45 minutes. He explained that when his wife had his three daughters, she had them using forceps as well, and she and her babies were all fine and that I would be fine too. I had no choice but to agree. They topped off my medicine several times and I never really felt a thing. The baby came out and by then, I was somewhat delirious and not quite aware of my surroundings at all. The next thing that I was aware of was my husband cutting the umbilical cord.

I remember listening to the baby cry as I was being stitched and feeling resentment towards the baby. My thought was "you did this to me". I never expected to feel that way. I eventually pushed myself to ask if the baby was okay because "it seemed like the right thing to do". The baby was fine. He scored 9 on both Apgar tests.

When they finally placed him in my arms and I looked at him for the first time, I fell in love. He looked at me as if he knew who I was but he wanted to take it all in. He started to cry and when I held him close, he stopped.

I was put on a morphine drip and bedrest for 24 hours. My husband took wonderful care of the baby and me during this time. I was not in great shape but I couldn't help smiling and I wholeheartedly thanked my doctor and all of the birthing staff. My baby was fine and I knew that although I was pretty beat up at the time, I would eventually be fine.

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