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Rebecca and Tristen
Failed Pitocin Induction, C-Section

After trying just about anything to put myself in labor, I woke up at 12:30 am on April 23 with some horrible cramping. No contractions, just cramping. I did not sleep well the rest of the night and woke up about 8 am, went downstairs, and barely said good morning to Danny and Jacob. All I could think about was getting into the bathtub. I starting having mild contractions while in the tub. I spent most of the morning just laying on the couch and at 11 am I decided to go ahead and call the hospital. They said that it sounded like I was in the early stages of labor and to go ahead and come up, but not to hurry (we live an hour from the hospital).

Danny took a shower and I packed Jacob's diaper bag. I got to the hospital and was having contractions every three minutes. They really didn't hurt, but they were enough to let me know that they were there. They were not strong, so we were told to get up and walk to see what they would do. They never did go away like I think they were guessing they would do. So, about 5 pm, after walking up and down and up and down the halls, the doctor came in. My contractions were not strong enough "to produce" a baby, but they were enough that they really did not want to send me home. I also had starting having these "fainting" spells the past two weeks or so that the doctor was concerned about it. He said he was almost positive they were pregnancy related, and I was having to have non-stress tests done just to make sure the baby was still okay. He talked to us about inserting the pill onto my cervix, as it was still pretty thick, and if I had not gone into labor that night, we would start pitocin in the morning. He prescribed something to help me sleep, promising that I would either be in labor that night, or sleeping really well!!

The contractions felt like they got stronger that night, although I did sleep fairly well. They came in about 5 am to start the Pit. They started it out on a really low dose, upping the dose every 15 minutes. There was a nurse that stayed right by the monitor while it was going in. Everything was fine until around 10:30 or 11 when the baby starting having continuous decelerations after every contraction. The pit was turned off, and the doctor was called. I was devastated. I wanted this baby out of my body and to be okay. I just knew that the doctor was going to send me home and want to try to induce again later.

The doctor came in during lunch and explained to us what was going on and basically told us that what had happed that morning was a stress test and that the baby had failed. When something like that happens, it usually indicates that there is a problem with the cord or placenta. He left it up to us to either go home to see if I would "go" on my own, induce again at a later time, or a c-section. I wanted a c-section. I was so scared and just wanted to hold my baby. He agreed that was the right choice and asked when we wanted to do it, either that night or in the morning. I pushed for that night and the doctor that was going to assist couldn't do it in the morning, so I got my way. It was scheduled for around 6 that night.

Now, for the next problem. I had all day to lay there and think about my worst fear . . . the epidural!! LOL My first son had been born by emergency c-section and they just knocked me out for it. I was not to thrilled about having a needle stuck in my back! Danny kept telling me that it would not be as bad as I thought it was going to be!

We called our families and let them know what time we wanted them to be up there. I was so excited and not at all nervous about the surgery. Our family started arriving and they finally came to get us about 6:30, took us back and inserted the epidural which was horrible!! I knew it was bad when I looked up and Danny's eyes were about to bulge out of his head. (He says he has never seen a needle that big in his life) They had problems getting mine in for some reason and it really hurt. And then when the catheter was going in, I could feel it crunch everything as it went down. *GAG* This was truly the worse part of the whole thing. They took me into the OR, and everything was so relaxed. Everyone was joking with us, and they started putting the meds in for the epidural . . . weird sensation!! I was shaking, but I do not remember being cold. I also felt very nauseous, but I did that when I was flat on my back, from that baby laying on my major artery. I could wiggle my toes, but could not "feel" anything. The doctors were in their spots, and I asked Danny if they had started. He said that they had a while ago. I had a lot of tugging and pulling, and I closed my eyes and just thought about my little boy at home. I heard them suction fluid out, and the anesthesiologist told me that that was the amnio fluid and that it was good and clear.

I looked over at Danny, who was now standing up watching. "Here it comes," I heard someone say, and my doctor said that he was pretty good sized. I started crying and asking if he was okay. Then I heard that cry, the most beautiful sound in the world. Tristen Daniel came into our lives at 8:06 pm, on April 24th, with apgar scores of 9, 9, and 10! Danny kept telling me what they were doing and was running back and forth between the two of us.

They brought him over for me to hold! I could not believe it!!! It was so wonderful to be one of the first ones to see my son and I even got to hold him! The doctors did a SUPER job to make sure that this section was much more different than my first and it was! I was sent to recovery for an hour where they called and gave us Tristen's weight ~ 7 lbs 15 oz. My doctor was pretty surprised and made the comment that he was a week and a half early. They wondered what he would have weighed if he had been born on his due date. By that time, I was reminded very quickly the pain that comes with a section, and I was pretty pleased that I had had the epidural. It didn't start wearing off until I was back and settled into my room. By that time I was able to get painkillers and get some sleep.

They brought my Tristen in for just a little while so we could take some pictures, and so I could give him a good look over. He was so perfect . . . and little!! I was used to a 2 year old! He had a little skin tag on his eyelid that the doctor had noticed in the delivery room and said that it could be tied off when they did his circumcision. It just looked really annoying and the doctor said that they usually get them on their ears, and it was really uncommon to see them on the eye. When the doctor went to tie it off, it just fell off. Tristen has a little bump there, but I don't think that it is going to be any problem, and we are watching it to see if it is going to come back or not.

We are doing super!! Jacob is adjusting well and is very protective of his little brother. I thank God every day for my two beautiful, healthy, boys!!

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